Five months ago Peru was hit with historic rains, resulting in flash floods and mudslides known as "huaicos". The destruction of essential infrastructure such as bridges and homes severely damaged the communities we partner with. Support and donations from our global network of MEDLIFE Chapters and volunteers allowed us to begin immediate aid in the form of water, clothing and medical care when the disaster hit. During initial efforts to provide relief, MEDLIFE met a concerned mother from a local school, Colegio Inmaculada in Naña, who informed us that the school was lacking a hygienic kitchen and cafeteria, known here as a comedor, to provide food to students.

Through MINSA, a branch of the Peruvian government involved with health initiatives, nutritious and balanced meals for students in low-income communities can be provided through a program called Qali Warma (translating to “Healthy Child” in Quechua). In order to qualify for the Qali Warma program, schools must first have a clean, safe facility that maintains proper sanitation codes to house their comedor. Colegio Inmaculada currently uses a storage space as their kitchen, which is both unsafe and unsanitary, immediately excluding the school from qualification. Without a functioning comedor, the government will not fund the Qali Warma program, resulting in underserved students at greater risk of losing access to nutritious meals.

With the continued dedication and donations from our MEDLIFE volunteer base, we are in the early stages of building a new comedor with the local community. This project will ensure the Qali Warma program is able to benefit over 160 students with nutritious meals at school, thus cultivating healthy, positive outcomes. From the community of Naña and all of us at headquarters, we want to thank all our MEDLIFE supporters for making this project possible!

IMG 3912Instead of a hygienic space, this storage room is currently being used as a kitchen.

IMG 3891

IMG 3903

IMG 3971

IMG 3990

IMG 3995

IMG 4039

IMG 4051

On July 20th and 21st, MEDLIFE hosted its first mobile clinic at the Santa Monica Women's Penitentiary in Lima, Peru. We returned last week to host both an educational workshop and to provide follow up care to the patients.

MEDLIFE delivered pap smear results and provided treatment and medication, including ultrasounds where necessary, to the 120 women that we saw in July.

IMG 9897

IMG 9892

IMG 9997

IMG 0001A patient undergoing ultrasound.

IMG 9884

IMG 0017MEDLIFE also made a donation of powdered milk to the penitentiaries nursery.

Five months ago, Peru was hit with historic rains, flash floods and mudslides, known here as huaycos. During our initial efforts to provide relief, MEDLIFE met a mother from a local school, Colegio Inmaculada in Naña. She informed MEDLIFE that the school was lacking a proper sanitary area for the children to eat, also known as a comedor. Without this comedor, the school is at risk of losing access to the government program Qali Warma (Healthy Child in Quechua), which provides free meals to students in low-income communities.
MEDLIFE is in the early stages of building a new comedor with the community. This project will ensure the continuation of the Qali Warma program, providing 160 students with nutritious food at school.

IMG 3363MEDLIFE staff and interns with community members on the ground where the new comedor will be built.

IMG 3357Colegio Inmaculada.

IMG 3341

IMG 3353

IMG 3253MEDLIFE recently held a community meeting with teachers and parents from the school regarding the construction of the new comedor.

IMG 3285

IMG 3333

IMG 3262

IMG 3385MEDLIFE also brought along a donation of toothbrushes for the students of the school.

IMG 3394

IMG 3388

Last Friday the MEDLIFE summer interns joined the community members of Union de Santa Fe to inaugurate the completion of a new staircase. Not only will this provide safe and secure access to several homes but is the main point of access to the newly constructed second floor of the Wawa Wasi.

IMG 3678

Thank you to all the 2017 summer interns for the help on this project and all your work over the last three months. 

IMG 3052The summer interns delivering plants to decorate the area around the new staircase.

IMG 3144

IMG 3081

IMG 3163

IMG 3137The traditional MEDLIFE red paint adds some color to the new staircase.

IMG 3235

IMG 3282

IMG 3362

IMG 3218

IMG 3384

IMG 3445Balloons are a vital part of any MEDLIFE inauguration here in Lima and with the addition of a heart the finishing touches are compete.

IMG 3661

IMG 3583

IMG 3673MEDLIFE staff and the 2017 summer interns at the base of the completed staircase.


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