All Service Learning Trips

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Every SLT is available for any volunteer to join, regardless of campus affiliation, unless they are listed as “Locked” or have reached their maximum capacity as listed below. 

Part of a MEDLIFE Chapter? If you see your University or Institution's name listed on a posted SLT week, it means the Chapter from your campus will be attending that SLT. Please note, the title does not mean MEDLIFE is directly working with the Administration of said University or Institution but is instead affiliated with a student-led Chapter on the stated campus.

If you wish to attend a “Locked” SLT or put yourself on the waiting list for an SLT that has reached maximum capacity, please email [email protected] to inquire about availability.

Deposits/Refunds: Registration requires a $25 deposit, which is refundable if a cancellation request occurs prior to the registration deadline. Any payments toward the volunteer fee by the volunteer or any other party will not be refunded if cancelation occurs after the registration deadline. To complete a cancellation request, please email us at [email protected]

If registration does not meet the minimum number of required volunteers by the trip deadline, the Service Learning Trip will be canceled and volunteers will be refunded in full.

 Volunteers should wait to purchase airfare until the trip is confirmed by MEDLIFE HQ via email. If cancellation occurs, MEDLIFE will not be held accountable for flights purchased prior to official trip confirmation. For more information, please email: [email protected]

Trip Maximums: Each partner site has a maximum number of registrants, determined by resources available in the location. Maximum capacities are as follows:

Lima - 200 | Cusco - 160 | Riobamba - 120 | Tena - 110 | Esmeraldas - 80 | Kilimanjaro - 40 | Managua - 100

These maximums are subject to change at the discretion of MEDLIFE if staff, lodging, and materials permit.

No Mobile Clinic Registration Deadline Minimum Registrants Registered
1 February 22-March 1: Cusco, Peru - Mobile Clinic 01/23/2020 20 0
2 February 22-March 1: Riobamba, Ecuador - Mobile Clinic: Oakland University 01/23/2020 20 16
3 February 22-March 1: Tena, Ecuador - Mobile Clinic 01/23/2020 20 0
4 February 29-March 8: Lima, Peru - Mobile Clinic: Wingate University, Vanderbilt University, Chatham University, Michigan State, Barry University 01/30/2020 20 28
5 February 29-March 8: Cusco, Peru - Mobile Clinic: Universidad Interamericana-Metro, UPR-Bayamon, Bishops University, Charles R. Drew University 01/30/2020 20 131
6 February 29-March 8: Riobamba, Ecuador - Mobile Clinic: University of Michigan, McGill University, University of Florida 01/30/2020 20 35
7 February 29-March 8: Tena, Ecuador - Mobile Clinic: Nova Southeastern University, UGA 01/30/2020 20 15
8 February 29-March 8: Lima, Peru - Dental Clinic 01/18/2020 20 2
9 March 7-15: Lima, Peru - Mobile Clinic: NC State, University of Central Florida, Emory University, University of Pittsburgh, Marietta College, University of Miami, Texas A&M, Ohio State University, Mississippi State, University of Arizona 02/06/2020 20 83
10 March 7-15: Cusco, Peru - Mobile Clinic: UVA, Wake Forest University, University of Miami, Bloomsburg University of PA, Creighton University , Texas A&M, UGA, University of Kentucky 02/06/2020 20 59
11 March 7-15: Riobamba, Ecuador - Mobile Clinic: University of South Dakota, Case Western 02/06/2020 20 0
12 March 7-15: Tena, Ecuador - Mobile Clinic: Dominican, Mississippi College 02/06/2020 20 21
13 March 14-22: Lima, Peru - Development Corps 02/01/2020 20 0
14 March 14-22: Lima, Peru - Mobile Clinic: Indiana University, UT-Knoxville, Mount Saint Mary College, Rowan University 02/13/2020 20 40
15 March 14-22: Cusco, Peru - Mobile Clinic: GW, Purdue 02/13/2020 20 0
16 March 14-22: Riobamba, Ecuador - Mobile Clinic: Indiana University, FSU, University of North Florida, USC 02/13/2020 20 29
17 March 14-22: Tena, Ecuador - Mobile Clinic: University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Stony Brook University, University of South Florida 02/13/2020 20 25
18 March 14-22: Lima, Peru - Exclusive High-School Mobile Clinic: Richmond Hill Cohort, Ottawa Cohort, Oakville Cohort 12/20/2019 20 90
19 March 21-29: Lima, Peru - Mobile Clinic: UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, University of Chicago, Birmingham City University 02/20/2020 20 1
20 March 21-29: Cusco, Peru - Mobile Clinic: UC San Diego, UC Los Angeles, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, SFSU 02/20/2020 20 13