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Meet Our Team

Our Staff


Director of MEDLIFE Lima
Director of Finances for Field Offices

MEDLIFE’s first employee in Peru, Alberto has worked in the logistics of the Service Learning Trips in the country since day one. He is a skilled and efficient administrator, and coordinates all aspects of our Mobile Clinics in Lima and Cusco, working tirelessly to ensure that all participants have educational, meaningful, and safe experience.


MED International Team Lead

Alejandro was born in the U.S. but was raised mostly in Lima, Peru. He studied at Rutgers University in New Jersey, where he got his BA, majoring in Political Science, and a minor in Global and Latin American studies. He is very passionate about international cooperation, development, and social issues. Before joining Medlife, Alejandro worked at ICPNA and with the U.S. Embassy promoting educational and cultural exchange between the U.S. and Peru and has been a volunteer for the past 4 years at a young professional-led non-profit organization dedicated to educating and engaging citizens in the political and social issues that affect Peru.


MED International Chapter Coach

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Alessandra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management from San Ignacio de Loyola University. She has five years of experience in customer service and is passionate about creating valuable experiences. Alessandra is delighted to be part of MEDLIFE’s work empowering communities and generating sustainable impact. In her free time, she loves doing puzzles with her grandpa and watching romantic movies!


Business Intelligence Jr. Analyst

Alonso is from Lima, Peru. He studied at Universidad De Lima and has extensive experience developing IT solutions for different fields. He is very passionate about technology and learning from others. He is very much looking forward to this new opportunity at MEDLIFE.


Lima Office Manager

Amparo is a long-time supporter of MEDLIFE and wears many hats as a full-time employee with the organization. In addition to assisting in administrative duties, Amparo brightens the office with a positive, can-do spirit and boundless energy.


Marketing Associate

Born in Lima, Perú, Anais Beoutis is a bachelor in Audiovisual Communication and Interactive Media. She studied her career at the Peruvian University Of Applied Sciences and also took a semester in Creative Advertising at the same university. She’s been always passionate about volunteering work and has participated in non profit organizations such as Kurame working with patients in hospitals. She feels excited to have the opportunity to mix her career knowledges with her passion on helping people in need by joining the MEDLIFE team.


Business Intelligence Jr. Analyst

Astrid Figueroa was born in Cusco, Peru. She is studying computer science at the National University of Saint Anthony the Abboth in Cusco (UNSAAC). Since she was a child, she has been involved in volunteering, and today she is very happy to be part of an organization that provides social assistance in health care, education, and development. She firmly believes that young people are the key to achieving the full potential of humans and that we can make a better world with empathy and science.


Director of Community Relations

Carlos has lived most of his life in Lima, Peru where spent over 20 years working in community development. Serving first as a community leader, Carlos joined the MEDLIFE team in 2010 right when it began in Lima. Carlos oversees all projects and clinics in Lima and helps build stronger working relationships with our communities.


MEDLIFE Cusco Nurse

Carmen was born in Quillabamba, Cusco, and studied Nursing at the Antonio Lorena Institute. She has extensive work experience within Cusco’s healthcare system and has held jobs in public and private hospitals, pharmaceutical distributors and municipal social assistance organizations. She is proud to bring with MEDLIFE medical assistance to even the most remote areas of Cusco.


Marketing Associate

I was born in Lima, Peru. I studied Advertising and Communications at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. I’m passionate about creativity and making the world a better place. That’s why I’m so happy to be part of MEDLIFE, and I’m sure I can give MEDLIFE my best. I consider myself very open to helping others and finding solutions because there is always a solution for everything.


Marketing Junior Associate

María Claudia Huaman is a Communication and Advertising student at the Scientific University of the South, a young woman passionate about her career and with a firm desire for professional growth. Her enthusiasm for communication, advertising, and marketing leads her to constantly excel in her studies. In addition to her academic commitment, she has volunteered with the United Nations Organization (UN). This experience has reinforced her belief in the importance of each day to improve and make a difference.


Marketing Associate

I graduated as an audiovisual communicator from the Peruvian Institute of Advertising and furthered my professional training in Argentina with courses and workshops in film scripting and cinematography. Photography is both my passion and profession. I enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and sharing experiences while learning from others. With over 7 years of experience, I have worked on various photo and video productions, including video clips, advertising spots, digital content for brands, productions for advertising agencies, documentaries, and institutional projects. I’m drawn to the idea of using my visual storytelling skills to communicate important and meaningful messages.


Marketing Product Support Team Lead

Danixa was born in Chepen, La Libertad. She studied Arts and Graphic Design for Business at the University of San Ignacio de Loyola in Lima. She is very responsible and committed to her work. Now that she is working in MEDLIFE, she plans to do everything possible to help in the MEDLIFE Mission through graphic design!


Marketing Specialist

David is a digital marketing professional born in Lima, Peru. He spent much of his childhood and adolescence in the beautiful city of Tarapoto, where he completed his high school education.
He then studied Communication at the University of Lima. Over the years, he has gained solid experience in digital marketing, working in various companies and projects, proving himself to be an expert in online strategies for promotion.
In his spare time, he enjoys playing the drums and occasionally the piano.
With a strong background in communication and a successful career in digital marketing, David is an individual who balances his professional life with his vast personal interests.


Business Intelligence Jr. Analyst

Franz was born and raised in Lima, Peru. He studied at UPC, where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Since a young age, he has enjoyed helping others in any way possible, and he is now happy to work in a place that allows him to do what he likes while also supporting those in need. Outside of work, he has a passion for music and biking. Franz’s goal is to make a big impact in helping others with his skills!


Volunteer Coordinator

Fresia was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She graduated with a degree in business management from Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas UPC, and had the opportunity to obtain a half scholarship at Regent University in the state of Virginia. She has lived in the USA and in the UK for many years and enjoys travelling around learning about other cultures. She has quickly developed a global mindset from all her travels. Fresia has always been passionate about volunteering, social work, and learning other languages. In her spare time, she enjoys working out and exploring the outdoors.


Trips and Educational Programs Coordinator

Gabriela was born in Lima but grew up in France. After moving back to Lima with her family, she obtained a degree in communications with a major in journalism. She went on to work in Italian Cruises for a few years and then attended film school in Argentina. Back in Lima, she worked in advertising until 2012 when she started leading tours through different South American countries. Gabriela is looking forward to drawing upon her diverse range of experiences in service of the MEDLIFE mission. 


Director of MEDLIFE Cusco

Born in Cusco, Peru, Heidy graduated in Computer Engineering at the San Antonio Abad University and has an MBA from ESAN Business School with an emphasis on Finances. Heidy has about ten years of experience organizing travel, volunteer and other education programs for international participants in Peru and other countries in Latin America.


MEDLIFE Field Nurse

Helen is a forward-thinking and proactive person. A nurse by profession, she has prior experience working in private centers, which allowed her to obtain both knowledge and expertise in such settings. She is currently working with MEDPROGRAMS, where she and her team are responsible for organizing Mobile Clinics and providing patients with follow-up care. Helen places high importance on being able to give back to a variety of communities by offering the assistance they require while at the same time volunteering her time to do so. Helen also has a soft spot in her heart for animals, and she volunteers her time occasionally to help raise awareness for animals in need and to raise awareness.


MEDLIFE Expansion Team Lead

Jennifer holds a degree in hospitality management and has 8 years of experience in tourism. She is passionate about customer experience, social responsibility, and sustainability. Jennifer enjoys working at MEDLIFE because it allows her to do what she loves while making an impact on vulnerable communities. Another passion of Jennifer’s is taking care of her house plants and watching them thrive and grow!


MEDLIFE Lima Field Nurse

Jennifer lives in Union Santa Fe and is currently a field nurse for MEDLIFE. She works with the field team to organize Mobile Clinics in Lima. She was introduced to MEDLIFE during the pandemic when she began working at our Community Soup Kitchen. Thanks to this role, she was able to remain close to her daughters and work in her community. Before MEDLIFE, she worked as a nurse with various private medical centers. She has a devotion to working in healthcare and knew she could contribute her skills and enthusiasm to the organization.


Customer Service Team Lead

Jhon is a professional in tourism and hospitality with almost 8 years of experience working in the industry. Passionate about providing a great customer experience, Jhon enjoys traveling, discovering new cultures, and meeting people from all around the world. At MEDLIFE, he is looking forward to combining his passion for supporting people in need with his desire to empower future world-changers. Outside of work, Jhon enjoys playing with his 5 dogs, enjoying a cup of coffee, and listening to music.



Jorge graduated as a Dentist at the San Martin de Porres University in Lima. Jorge has been supporting the MEDLIFE mission by acting as a main dentist on our mobile clinics, where he attended thousands of patients with passion and dedication. As well as working in the field, Jorge supports MEDLIFE through working in the administration area in the office as well as leading our MED Dental clinic in Miraflores.


MEDLIFE Lima Housekeeper

Julia joined MEDLIFE in 2012 and is currently in charge of housekeeping at the office. A vital piece of keeping the organization running, Julia helps out an immense amount during mobile clinics when important materials need shuffling around the office. Julia never skips a beat, she is always available and willing to help out others in the organization.


Operations Assistant

My name is Karol Segura. I was born and raised in Cartago Costa Rica, which is why I love the cool climate.
I am an animal lover so I studied ethology, animal management, and animal well-being, specializing in wildlife behavior in captivity. I am also a veterinary assistant and am currently finishing a master’s degree in Wildlife management from a university in Spain.

Before starting with MEDLIFE I dedicated myself to working at the APAMI Wildlife Rescue Center, which allowed me to develop my specialty and learn new skills in the tourist sector working as an environmental educator guide.

I am very excited to be able to share the MEDLIFE mission in my country and around the world


Business Intelligence Team Lead

Kiomi was born and raised in Lima. She holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering and is currently studying for a second career in tourism. She first joined MEDLIFE as a trip leader, where she had the best experience of her life witnessing the impact the staff and volunteers could have on people’s lives. Now, as part of the team, she hopes to help grow the movement in order to achieve its goals. In her free time, she loves getting to know her country better by traveling, reading, and listening to other people.


High School/CEGEP Division Chapter Coach

Lorena was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She studied at the University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom, where she got her Bachelor’s degree in International Development. Since a young age, she has enjoyed volunteering, and she’s now happy to work somewhere that allows her to support those in need. Outside of work, she has a passion for traveling, trying new cuisines, and experiencing different cultures. Lorena has also worked as an interpreter and freelance translator, and her goal is to speak at least five languages someday!


Marketing Associate

Born in Lima, Peru, he has shown a constant desire from a young age to understand the world and how it works. In his journey of discovery, he found that the most fascinating aspect lies in the human factor in everything. He studied Audiovisual Communication at UPC and the Lima Film School (ECL), specializing in Film Directing. With a solid academic background, Luis has been involved in numerous television and advertising projects, focusing on exploring and highlighting humanity in every story to convey emotions authentically. He is now excited to join the Medlife team, hoping to apply his experience and passion for storytelling to contribute to meaningful medical and social projects.


MEDLIFE Ecuador Nurse

Born and raised in Cebadas, Ecuador, Maria speaks both Quechua and Spanish. She has been with MEDLIFE since 2007 and acts as a liaison between MEDLIFE and the communities we work in. María announces Mobile Clinic visits, coordinates new projects, visits patients who require follow-up care and provides assistance in operating our Mobile Clinics.


Expansion Associate

Since she was a little girl, Maria Fernanda always wanted to explore the world and learn about different perspectives on life. Her experiences traveling abroad have helped her grow and opened her eyes to diverse realities. When Maria Fernanda discovered the impact created by MEDLIFE, she was immediately interested in getting involved. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management.


Director of MEDLIFE Ecuador

Martha was born and has spent most of her life in Riobamba, Ecuador. She has been involved with MEDLIFE since 2002 and served as Director of MED Programs Ecuador since May 2008. Martha coordinates our Mobile Clinics and community development projects in Ecuador arranges patient follow-up care and assists MEDLIFE’s interns.


High School Division Team Lead

Martha studied Global Development at Queen’s University where she obtained a BA and realized her passion for sustainable development and community organizing. She is from Toronto, Ontario, and has spent the last six years volunteering and working for various non-profit organizations in Canada, Central America, East Africa, and Southeast Asia. At MEDLIFE, she is thrilled to combine her enthusiasm for youth mentorship and community empowerment, with her drive to create positive change.


Marketing Associate/Copywriter

Mary was born and raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. She studied Digital Media and Creative Writing at Vancouver Island University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2020. Her passions for social justice and writing were able to meet when she started copywriting for MEDLIFE. She works remotely from Canada and helps to bring marketing material from MEDLIFE to a Canadian audience. Mary is overjoyed to be able to work for an organization that is so focused on helping those in need.


Marketing Associate

Born in Lima, Peru, Nadia Rios holds a bachelor’s degree in audiovisual communication from PUCP. Nadia is passionate about social change through critical thinking and empathetic communication. Her primary tools include video editing, audiovisual production, and digital design. She has extensive experience as a communicator in the educational, cultural, and social sectors, having worked with NGOs and at a renowned news channel in Peru.
In her free time, she practices aerial silks, watches anime and enjoys playing board games with her friends.


Operations Assistant

Nayhua, a Business Administration graduate from Universidad Andina del Cusco, is deeply passionate about Andean culture, music, arts, and cosmovision. She has facilitated financial education and independent living workshops with organizations like LAFF, SVP Project, and Casa Mantay, developing a dynamic teaching approach for young girls and adolescents. Nayhua also teaches violin, dedicating time to improve her skills. Leisurely, she enjoys family walks, participating in folkloric dances, and making music with friends.


Director of MEDLIFE Tanzania

Born in Tanzania, Neema holds a B.S. in Human Nutrition from the Sokoine University of Agriculture, and an MPH from the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences.

She was introduced to MEDLIFE in 2014, and since then, has become increasingly more involved in the development of the organization in Tanzania.


Emergency Medicine Physician
MEDLIFE Executive Director & Founder

Nick was inspired to create MEDLIFE when in 2001 in Panama he saw how effectively a grassroots organization could listen to the needs of people living in resource-poor settings, and subsequently enact change. He went on to work in both Peru & Ecuador which furthered his passion for understanding the root causes of poverty and exposed new complexities to the issues communities face. In 2004 he created MEDLIFE with the goal of establishing better and more sustainable access to healthcare, education, and a safe home for resource-poor families through the empowerment of communities and a student-led movement.

Nick received his Medical Doctorate from Dartmouth Medical School and completed his Emergency Medicine residency at Dartmouth as well. Dr. Ellis currently lives with his wife, son, and 3 dogs in Lima, Peru where he works out of our international headquarters, and each month he travels to the US to work his ER shifts.



Operations Coordinator

Perla has a degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy from Ricardo Palma University. She has worked in tourism both in the public sector and in private companies. She is very happy to be part of MEDLIFE as it unites her passion for tourism and her experience in NGOs. Perla has been a volunteer for various social causes and outside of work she enjoys playing with her pets and cycling. 


Volunteer Affairs Representative

Petrina possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from the University of Western Ontario. During her time at Western, she had the opportunity to participate in a global health exchange course between Canada and Scandinavia. This is where she discovered her passions for global innovation, international collaboration, and health equity. By joining the MEDLIFE team, she is excited to become a part of a global movement centered around the health and development of rural communities.


Expansion Associate

Ricardo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and has worked for several non-profit organizations and tourism agencies. Over the last 6 years, he has worked for MEDLIFE as a Trip Leader. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences he has ever had because of the direct impact on people’s lives. Now, as part of the Expansion Team, he is passionate about continuing to grow the MEDLIFE Movement so we can partner with more local communities to make an impact. Ricardo loves exploring nature, traveling, and learning to play music.


Director of MED Programs Lima

We met Ricardo during the construction of the staircases and the daycare at his community, Union Santa Fe. Thanks to Ricardo’s extensive construction experience, we were able to optimize costs and logistics. Currently, Ricardo continues to work in the development of his community while working full-time in MEDLIFE.


Operations Associate

Born and raised in Cusco, Rodrigo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Universidad Andina del Cusco. He has always been in touch with the reality of Peru, learning from books and the experience of his travels and the people he meets. He loves nature, literature, and all types of music.


Marketing Team Lead

Born in Lima, Peru, Rosali joined MEDLIFE in 2012. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences from UIGV and a professional technical degree in Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia from the Toulouse Lautrec Institute. Rosali is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Social Marketing and Communications for Development at UNSAAC.


Human Resources

Ruby is originally from Ancash. She moved to Lima to pursue her dream of studying psychology. While finishing her studies at San Martin de Porres University in Lima, she discovered that contributing directly to the development of people was how she wanted to serve with her career. Ruby is committed to contributing to the development of people inside and outside organizations. She believes in living with purpose and that everybody has a unique talent to offer to make our planet a better place. As a passionate traveler, she loves to interact with people from different cultures and learn from them. She supports responsible travel and corporate social responsibility.


Marketing Associate/Graphic Designer

Sheila is a graphic designer based in Lima, Peru. She worked with Medlife for over two years, driven by their dedication to their mission. She holds a degree in Graphic Design for Business from the University of San Ignacio de Loyola in Lima, where she learned how to use design for positive change, focusing on solving problems and creating innovative solutions. Sheila is back and enthusiastic about using her skills to share the organization’s mission through captivating designs.


Referral & Affiliate Marketing Team Lead

Stephanie was born and raised in Lima, Peru. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Design from Arts University Bournemouth (UK) and a Master’s in Marketing from Bournemouth University (UK), specializing in branding, communications, digital marketing, and growth hacking. With over 6 years of experience in various industries including luxury, hospitality, beauty, and personal care, Stephanie enjoys traveling, watching nature documentaries, photography, cooking, and learning about different cuisines in her free time. Her goal is to make a positive impact in society through her professional work.


Finance Assistant

Tania was born in Madre de Dios, Peru, with a degree in Accounting and Financial Sciences and also holds a professional technician title in Tourism Administration. Her predisposition gave her the opportunity to work part-time advising small enterprises on managing their financial resources and organizing their accounting operations. Currently, she is happy to be part of MEDLIFE, doing what she is passionate about, in addition to enjoying other activities.


Volunteer Affairs Representative

Tom was born in Switzerland, where he stayed for most of his childhood. After finishing school in the UK, he studied Business Management & German at the University of Manchester. Tom has spent the past 4 years working in multiple roles within social care and international development, including working for a disability charity and supporting prisoners into work and education. More recently, Tom has also qualified as a yoga instructor and has been helping students build happier and healthier lives. Tom is committed to building a career dedicated to creating positive social impact, and he is very excited to take the next step in this journey with MEDLIFE as a chapter coach.


Chapter Coach

Vish began his journey in Peru living in Puerto Inca where he worked on a sustainability project in the Amazon. He has worked in the field of medical nonprofits for the past 8 years, and is pursuing a Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management from Johns Hopkins University. He is passionately investigating the interrelation between social inequity and its impact on healthcare, and has had extensive experience on both the clinical and research sides of medicine. Outside of work, Vish enjoys yoga, crafting, poetry, and surfing.


MED Dental Office Assistant

My name is Xiomara, I was born in Moquegua, Peru. I studied dentistry in Tacna and did my rural and marginal urban service in a small town in the Tacna mountains; This experience allowed me to understand the limited access to health services in remote places and its importance in the quality of life.
I arrived in Lima recently in search of new opportunities and experiences that allow me to apply what I have learned, develop new skills and perspectives.

Our Executive Board

The mission of the Executive Board is to help families achieve greater freedom from the constraints of poverty, empowering them to live healthier lives. The Executive Board oversees MEDLIFE’s operations domestically and abroad and is fiscally and operationally responsible for MEDLIFE’s Service Learning Trips and MEDLIFE Project Fund projects. The Executive Board also works with student groups to organize volunteer trips, fundraise, build greater support for MEDLIFE, and foster student leadership. The most committed, hard-working, and experienced individuals are invited to sit on the Executive Board. The Executive Board currently consists of five members:

Nick Ellis, MD, MEDLIFE Founder and CEO 
Education: International Development Studies (B.A.) at McGill University
Pre-Medical post-baccalaureate, University of Maine
Medicine, Dartmouth Medical School

Juan Camilo Vanegas
Education: Microbiology (B.A.) University of Maine

Jerry Ellis
Education: Counseling (M.S.) Oregon University
MDiv Boston University

Martha Chicaiza
Director of MEDPrograms Latin America
Director of MEDPrograms Ecuador

Carlos Benavides
Director of MEDPrograms Peru