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Start a MEDLIFE Chapter at your school today to spread the MEDLIFE Movement!

Connect with more than 300 universities and high schools from the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and more! 

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Become a global changemaker by founding a new MEDLIFE Chapter and helping us grow our impact. MEDLIFE Chapters are dynamic student groups that offer students a rewarding opportunity to volunteer with an international nonprofit, build leadership skills, and most importantly, empower low-income communities through medicine, education, and development.

Submit an application to start or join a Chapter at your school by filling out the form below. Already part of a MEDLIFE Chapter? Refer a friend to join or start a Chapter here.


Why Starting a MEDLIFE Chapter?


Make a Positive Impact Locally and Abroad

From volunteering initiatives in your local community to transformative Service Learning Trips in South America and Africa, your involvement spreads goodness everywhere.

Grow your Leadership and Skills

Unleash your leadership potential beyond the classroom. Develop skills, access materials, and get guidance. Earn recommendation letters based on your achievements!

Organize and Join Service Learning Trips

As a leader, organize Service Learning Trips and get up to $900 USD in trip discounts. Adventure meets purpose with every trip.

Join a Supportive Community of Like-Minded Friends:

Join a tight-knit community of kindred spirits. Forge friendships, share passions, and create lasting memories. Welcome to a tribe of change-makers.

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A MEDLIFE Advisor will review your application, and you will be contacted via email with the next steps.