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Hear From Our Parents

Hear directly from parents who have placed their trust in our Movement. Learn about their child’s experiences and insights. Watch their testimonials:


“Our family had the privilege of participating in multiple trips with Nick [MEDLIFE founder] and his amazing staff. Their expertise made the trips unforgettable while instilling in my boys the fundamentals of good character: selflessness, compassion, and empathy.”

Valerie Lindeborg, High School Parent & Chaperone from Dana Hills High School

Valerie Lindeborg, a parent from Dana Hills High School, reflects on her family’s enriching experiences with MEDLIFE, led by founder Nick and his dedicated team. She credits these trips for providing her sons with memorable learning experiences while embedding crucial character traits like selflessness, compassion, and empathy. These values have profoundly influenced her son, guiding him on his journey to becoming a doctor and actively engaging in a MEDLIFE chapter during his college years. Watch her first SLT here.

“Understanding the social determinants of health and their impact on the individuals you work with is an incredibly important concept that is truly realized here. [ ] In my view, the benefits are substantial: personal growth, becoming a global citizen, and the chance to forge lifelong friendships, which is indeed special.”

Dr. Jeff Weissberger, High School Parent & Chaperone from William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute

Jeff Weissberger, a high school parent, lauds the impactful experiences his son gained with MEDLIFE, emphasizing the importance of understanding social determinants of health. He values the trips for fostering personal growth, global awareness, and lifelong friendships. Additionally, he cherishes the rare opportunity to observe his son’s development up close during these shared journeys. Watch his full interview here.

“Before I left, I didn’t know what to expect, but the communication from MEDLIFE was great. [ ] It doesn’t matter how much you put down in writing; you cannot know what to expect until you’re here. I think the experiences we’ve all shared together will enable us to rally our family and friends to join us because we’ve seen the truth and the reality, so I do think as a family we’ll be closer.”

Sheliza Jheta, High School Parent & Chaperone from Bayview Glen Independent School

Meet Sheliza Jheta, a dedicated parent and chaperone from Bayview Glen Independent School in Toronto, Ontario. Sheliza’s journey with MEDLIFE began with uncertainty, but the communication and support provided by MEDLIFE eased her worries. Reflecting on her experience, Sheliza emphasizes the transformative power of witnessing the truth and reality of service firsthand. She believes that the shared experiences will bring her family closer together and inspire others to join in making a difference. Watch her full interview here.