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Service Learning Trips Safety. At MEDLIFE we take safety seriously.

We encourage you to read this page in conjunction with our FAQs and booking conditions.

The ABCs of Safe Travel With MEDLIFE

In addition to meeting local requirements in all destinations where we operate, we are implementing the following measures of extra precaution:

Vaccination & Testing Requirements

COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing are no longer required to attend a MEDLIFE Service Learning Trip. However, we highly recommend all participants get fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (three doses) before traveling to their SLT destination. Please note that some countries may still require a negative COVID-19 test taken up to 72 hours before departure.

Pre-Trip Safety Review & Safety Briefing

All participants must attend a mandatory Pre-Trip Safety Review aimed to ensure that all participants are aware of MEDLIFE procedures, precautions, and protocols. Upon arrival, volunteers will attend an extensive safety briefing that includes protective equipment along with face masks. 


Masks are compulsory during Mobile Clinics and will be provided by MEDLIFE.

COVID-19 Testing & Quarantine

If a participant is demonstrating symptoms of COVID-19, we will assist them by arranging a COVID-19 test. If a volunteer tests positive, a private room and meal delivery plan will be organized for them. Please keep in mind that MEDLIFE is unable to assume any costs related to volunteer quarantine, testing, travel delay, or disruption. 

COVID-19 Insurance Coverage Options

Emergency medical insurance is included in the cost of your trip with a deductible of $250 USD. However, insurance for trip cancelation or disruption is not included. We highly recommend purchasing upgraded insurance for more comprehensive protection. Further information on this is provided during the booking process.

Safety During Mobile Clinics

We are in constant communication with our partner communities to understand their needs and concerns regarding COVID-19. We only take student volunteers to communities that have explicitly expressed their comfort and enthusiasm. Where possible, clinics are located in areas with open airflow. Any patients exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 are screened by a medical professional and separated to avoid contact with volunteers. 


Additional RESOURCES 

Do you have questions about our Service Learning Trips safety guidelines? Are you a parent or professor looking for more information? Contact [email protected] to arrange a call with a representative from MEDLIFE HQ.

For more information about Service Learning Trip safety protocols and booking conditions, visit our FAQs.