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international medical reliefWhy Medicine?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over one billion people worldwide currently face a “critical shortage in health care.” There are less than two doctors for every 1,000 people in Latin America due to geographic isolation and lack of transportation, as one-quarter of the Latin American population lives or works in rural areas.

Many in Latin America have chosen to leave their rural communities for better economic, educational, or health opportunities in cities. As a result, the rapid urbanization of cities has given rise to a separate host of problems, including improper sanitation, unhygienic living conditions, and a lack of basic amenities.

For the past several years, MEDLIFE has been working with students interested in medical volunteerism and global health to bring essential healthcare services to low-income communities outside of Lima, Peru and San Jose, Costa Rica, and rural areas of Cusco, Peru;  Riobamba and Tena, Ecuador; Tamarindo, Costa Rica; and Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

MEDLIFE’s medical work brings healthcare through our Mobile Clinics, Health Education Workshops, and Patient Follow-Up Care Program.

Volunteer opportunities for medical studentsThe MEDLIFE Mobile Clinics

MEDLIFE Mobile Clinics bring free, high-quality healthcare directly to communities that lack access to basic health services. Staffed by local practitioners, Mobile Clinics offer volunteer opportunities for medical students as well as basic medical treatment and preventative screenings which are designed to find patients who are in need of long-term assistance. Volunteers who participate in  Service Learning Trips shadow medical professionals, help run the clinic and learn about local medical practices, global medicine, international medical relief and the effects poverty has on health.

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Health Education Workshops

During our Mobile Clinics and our year-round community organizing work, we provide health education through educational videos, brochures, and presentations by medical professionals. We provide information on diseases such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, diabetes, and more to help our patients understand how to prevent and treat such conditions.

Modeled after health education programs a patient would receive in the United States, our workshops focus on teaching patients how to live healthier lives, demonstrating essential health tests and screenings, answering questions, and trying to implement a culture of preventative care.

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When patients are simply referred to local hospitals for treatments, they often fail to receive the treatment they need due to a lack of resources, confidence, or a proper understanding of their medical problems.

For these reasons, MEDLIFE has developed a year-round patient follow-up program. We support our patients in many ways. We provide financial resources for treatments, emotional support, nutritional assistance for malnourished families, and educational resources to help individuals better understand their conditions.

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