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Mobile Clinics are part of our traditional week-long Service Learning Trips that allow students to work hand in hand with local professionals and community members to provide quality healthcare and a development project to impoverished communities throughout Latin America and Africa.

More than a Mission Trip

A MEDLIFE Mobile Clinic brings free, high-quality healthcare directly to communities that lack access to basic health services. Staffed by local practitioners, clinics offer basic medical treatment and preventative screens and are designed to find patients who are in need of long-term assistance. Volunteers shadow medical professionals, help in the running of the clinic, and learn about local medical practices, global medicine, and the effect of poverty on health.

MEDLIFE holds Mobile Clinics in Lima-Peru, Cusco-Peru, Riobamba-Ecuador, Tena-Ecuador, Tamarindo-Costa Rica, San Jose-Costa Rica, and Kilimanjaro-Tanzania.

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The MEDLIFE Mobile Clinic Difference

Mobile Clinics Making a Difference

Bringing a Clinic to Families

A Mobile Clinic is a mobile medical clinic that travels to low-income communities to provide care. Our clinics offer general medicine and dental services as well as preventative tests such as Pap smears and breast cancer screenings.

Mobile Clinics Making a Difference

Partnering with Local Professionals on the Ground

Our Mobile Clinics stations are staffed by local doctors and nurses who speak the language, understand local systems, and provide culturally sensitive care.

Public Health

Providing Long-Term Care

Any patient who may have a serious or long-term condition are immediately placed in our follow-up care program where they work with one of our field nurses throughout the course of the treatment. Click here to read more about our follow-up care system.

Public Health

Putting Education First

MEDLIFE clinics go beyond treating symptoms; we educate patients on health and self-care topics to raise awareness, break stigmas and provide patients with the tools to lead healthier lives.


Safety Icons

When you sign up for a Service Learning Trip, you are automatically registered for medical emergency insurance for the duration of your trip. Visit our travel safe page or email us at [email protected] to learn more.

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