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Professor Jorge, MEDLIFE Chapter Teacher from Thomas Alva Edison School in Puerto Rico, was recently interviewed on the News in Costa Ri next to two Chapter members and students.

The discussion highlighted the importance of experiential learning in fostering leadership qualities and broadening the worldviews of the participants. These trips exemplified how hands-on experiences can have a profound impact on individuals, teaching lessons that go beyond the traditional classroom setting.

“The best thing about this is that students get to learn leadership and see different things around the world that they would normally not learn”

Clifford Lo, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Nutrition at Harvard Medical School

Dr. Clifford Lo, along with his students from Harvard Medical School, went on two trips with MEDLIFE to Lima and Cusco in Peru. The objective of these trips was to foster leadership qualities and broaden the worldviews of the participants. The approach used was unique as it focused on experiential learning, offering lessons beyond the classroom. These trips exemplified how experiential learning can have a profound impact on individuals. Watch his full interview here.

“I would say that MEDLIFE exceeded my expectations. We had the opportunity to understand the culture, we were able to understand the communities and some of the struggles and challenges, and I think it’s really important to teach this lesson to my students”

Mike Huber, MMS, PA-C, DFAAPA, Director of Clinical Education & Director of Outreach for the Arcadia University’s Physician Assistant Program

Professor Mike Huber from Arcadia University highlighted his MEDLIFE experience, emphasizing its role in deepening his understanding of various cultures and community challenges. He believes this insight is crucial for teaching his students about empathy and global awareness in healthcare. Watch his full interview here.

“We were able to meet with community-based organizations and learn from elders and experts in indigenous communities. Community-centered learning is such an impactful way to teach and educate and to expose students to global education.”

Ahaji Schreffler, Senior Director for Education Abroad in the Office of Global Engagement at Drexel University

Ahaji Schreffler, Senior Director for Education Abroad at Drexel University, lauds the impact of community-centered learning through her experiences with indigenous communities. By interacting with elders and experts, she highlights how such engagements offer profound educational value, exposing students to diverse perspectives and global education. Watch her full interview here.

“We did a lot of reading, and students had a lot of resources at their fingertips. You can’t personify it until you see the people in front of you”

Sharde Jhonson, Director for the Center of Black Culture at Drexel University

Sharde Johnson, Director for the Center of Black Culture at Drexel University, emphasizes the depth of learning through direct interaction. Despite having abundant resources and literature, she notes the irreplaceable value of face-to-face engagement, where students truly grasp the essence of their studies by connecting with individuals and their stories. Watch her full interview here.

“My experience has been amazing, and it really chokes me up. It’s touched my heart in a way nothing can. This is something you don’t want to miss. It really is a life-changing experience”

Theresa Becker, Associate Dean of Nursing & Allied Health at Palo Verde College

Theresa Becker, Associate Dean of Nursing & Allied Health at Palo Verde College, describes her experience as profoundly moving and transformative. She highlights the emotional impact and the deep connection she felt, labeling it as a life-changing experience that goes beyond conventional educational encounters. Watch her full interview here.

“Seeing what my students could see and learn and how they were impacted, not only by the professionals but also by the community itself, was very enriching. I have brought other students, giving them a sense of purpose; they find their profession in it.”

Mercedes Nakachi, High School Teacher at Baldwin High School, Puerto Rico

Mercedes Nakachi, a high school teacher at Baldwin High School in Puerto Rico, shares her fulfillment in witnessing her students’ learning and growth, influenced by professionals and the community. She notes the enrichment and sense of purpose this experience provides as students discover their calling through such immersive encounters. Watch her full interview here.

“I was astonished by what I discovered during my visit with MEDLIFE. It is so impressive in so many ways…Its core mission is to allow university students to understand how the social determinants of health play out in real settings. This is invaluable in itself.”

Thom Meredith, Professor in the Department of Geography at McGill University,

Thom Meredith, a professor in the Department of Geography at McGill University, shares his profound experience with MEDLIFE, expressing astonishment at the insights gained during his visit. He applauds the organization’s core mission, which focuses on providing university students with a hands-on understanding of how social determinants of health manifest in real-world contexts, deeming this exposure invaluable for educational and personal growth.

“I love the sustainability of these trips instead of just coming in and leaving patients to their own devices…I appreciate that MEDLIFE has the connections with the community to follow up and make sure that those patients get the care that they need.”

Jessica, Pharmacy Professor

Jessica, a Pharmacy Professor, praises MEDLIFE’s sustainable health missions for providing continuous patient care and fostering deep community ties. She values the program’s ability to challenge participants, enhancing critical thinking and stress management skills essential for healthcare professionals. Watch her full interview here.

“I absolutely think that all PA programs would benefit from partnering with MEDLIFE…and go into other communities outside of the United States. This will make you able to provide care and gain an understanding of various cultures while you appreciate different communities.”

Erin W., Physician Assistant Director at Arcadia University,

Erin W., a Physician Assistant Director at Arcadia University, shares her enriching experiences with MEDLIFE in Peru. She emphasizes the valuable exposure students get to diverse cultures and the essential human needs often overlooked in the United States. She praises the program for offering students profound insights into human connection and gratitude, experiences she wished were available during her own training. Watch her full interview here.