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We’re excited to have you join us in making a positive impact on low-income communities. In this volunteer resources guide, you’ll find helpful information to prepare you for your international volunteering experience.

Checklist: What to Pack for Volunteering Abroad
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Traveling to volunteer in Tanzania or Peru? Start with the right essentials to serve our partner communities effectively. Pack durable clothing, comfortable shoes, toiletries, and essential documents. Our packing list prepares you for Mobile Clinics, development days, and city exploration. Refer to our official packing lists tailored for your destination city or country.


ways to volunteerWhat To Donate When Volunteering Abroad?

MEDLIFE accepts medical donations from our Service Learning Trips travelers. By bringing extra medical supplies, you are helping our patients to access even more comprehensive care than usual. We have compiled lists of suggested donations for each location we work in based on what is commonly needed and appreciated.


international volunteeringCultural Sensitivity GUIDE

While volunteering in low-income international communities, our volunteers must prioritize cultural sensitivity. We are committed to empowering and uplifting patients, requiring our team to be well-educated and considerate of the local customs and economic situations. To support this, we offer a comprehensive guide on cultural sensitivity practices tailored to each location, ensuring our volunteers are well-prepared to respect and understand the communities they serve.


plan my gap yearWhat To Read/Watch GUIDE

At MEDLIFE, education stands as one of our foundational pillars. In addition to our resources, we offer suggestions for movies and books designed to broaden your perspective before you embark on your SLT journey. Equipped with the insights from these resources, you’ll be better prepared to deliver compassionate and sustainable care to patients. Therefore, we encourage you to explore our curated list of books and movies to enhance your understanding and effectiveness during your SLT journey!


Volunteer Abroad Budget & Savings Planner
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Plan your volunteer abroad journey with ease using our Volunteer Abroad Calculation Template. This comprehensive tool helps you estimate costs, organize your budget, and ensure you’re financially prepared for your international service experience. Whether it’s calculating travel expenses, accommodation costs, or daily living allowances, our template has got you covered, making your volunteer adventure both rewarding and financially manageable.