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Welcome to our MEDLIFE Alumni Stories page, where former MEDLIFErs share how their involvement with MEDLIFE shaped their careers and lives.

What does it mean to be part of the MEDLIFE Movement?

By joining the MEDLIFE Movement, students can benefit from various opportunities that help in their personal growth, skill development, and meaningful service. In fact, some students have even redefined their career choices after joining. We take pride in supporting students to develop empathy and global awareness, while fostering lifelong connections and potential career opportunities.

Sarah Hillware, Former Chapter President at The George Washington University and award-winning Global Health, Development, and Diplomacy Leader, shared: “During my three years with MEDLIFE, I learned the value of servant leadership. It wasn’t about imposing our ideas; it was about listening to the community’s needs. This approach has profoundly influenced my professional life, teaching me the importance of humility and understanding in leadership.”

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gisselle medlife

Giselle Fernandes, M.D., is currently a Pediatric Resident Physician at Kaiser Permanente. She previously contributed as a Volunteer for the Lima Mobile Clinic in 2014 and as Fundraising Chair at the University of Washington’s MEDLIFE chapter. Her early involvement in global health and community-focused initiatives has greatly influenced her approach to pediatric medicine, emphasizing compassionate and comprehensive patient care.

Reda Silarbi is a medical student at the University of Ottawa, previously serving as a Fundraising Executive for the university’s MEDLIFE chapter. His role involved organizing fundraising activities to deliver healthcare and support to low-income communities, which honed his skills in leadership and community engagement. These experiences have enriched his medical education, emphasizing the importance of social responsibility in healthcare.

Nandini Razdan is a Cardiology Fellow at Tower Health Reading Hospital, with a background as a MEDLIFE volunteer and intern during her time at the University of Delaware. Her early experiences with MEDLIFE, where she was deeply involved in community health projects, have shaped her medical career, particularly her interest in cardiology and patient care.

Ivonne Ríos Villanueva is the Coordinator of the Institute of Student Leadership and Institutional Tutoring Project at the University of Puerto Rico in Aguadilla. Previously serving as President and Community Service Officer, she now leads programs that foster student leadership and provide essential tutoring services, contributing significantly to the educational environment.

Sara-Ivana Calce is currently a PGY-1 medical resident in Internal Medicine at the University of Montreal. Previously, she contributed as an SLT volunteer and Treasurer for the MEDLIFE Chapter at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, experiences that have enriched her medical training and perspective on global health.

Hannah Appleton is a recent University of Florida graduate, premedical student, and medical scribe. She honed her leadership and community service skills as President of the Spanish River High School MEDLIFE Chapter and as an SLT volunteer, guiding her passion for addressing global health inequities.

Amanda Ly is a first-year medical student at Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine and former co-president of the MEDLIFE Chapter at UC Davis. Her leadership in global health initiatives during her undergraduate years has honed her understanding of health inequities, shaping her approach to medical education.

Meet Michael Walker, a dedicated quality engineer for Blue Origin who ensures the safety of space systems for astronauts and passengers. Michael’s journey began as the Recruitment Chair at the Mississippi State University MEDLIFE Chapter, where his passion for making a difference was evident.

Introducing Nick Braasch, an adept Engineer Technician & Project Manager. Nick’s journey into leadership started as the Public Relations Manager at the UIC MEDLIFE Chapter, where his dedication and organizational skills left a lasting impact.

Presenting Valeria Martinez-de Leon, currently in her 2nd Year of Medical School at the University of Puerto Rico. Valeria’s commitment to healthcare and community service blossomed during her tenure as President of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez MEDLIFE Chapter.

Meet Coraly Rivera, now a Pediatrics Resident at Puerto Rico Women and Children’s Hospital in Bayamón, PR. Coraly previously served as Treasurer at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón in San Juan, PR MEDLIFE Chapter, demonstrating her commitment to healthcare and community service.

Introducing Ashley Cianchini, currently a 3rd Year Medical Student at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine. Ashley previously held the position of President at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras MEDLIFE Chapter, showcasing her dedication to academic excellence and community service.

Meet Rohan Joshi, soon to embark on his journey as a PGY-1 Neurology Resident at KUMC in Kansas City. Rohan previously served as the Treasurer and Vice President at the Drexel University MEDLIFE Chapter, demonstrating his commitment to service and leadership.

Introducing Kristy Chong, currently embarking on her journey as a 1st-year Medical Student at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine (Tulsa Campus). Prior to this, Kristy played pivotal roles as the Volunteer Coordinator and Public Relations Chair at the University of Oklahoma MEDLIFE Chapter.

Meet Madison Brooks, previously the President of the Michigan Technological University MEDLIFE Chapter, now a dedicated 2nd year medical student at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine. Madison’s commitment to healthcare and community service shines through her journey from leading her chapter to pursuing her medical education.

medlife alumni

Meet Sarah Bridge, a former MEDLIFE Journalism Intern from the University of Bath. Today, she is the Head of UK Development for the esteemed Public Health Charity Institut Pasteur.

Meet Biz Shenk, a former MEDLIFE Intern from the College of the Holy Cross, now a Family Nurse Practitioner from Columbia University School of Nursing and a MEDLIFE supporter! Read more about Biz’s journey with MEDLIFE here!

medlife alumni

Meet Emily Gardner, a former MEDLIFE Intern from Vanderbilt University, now a 3rd Year Pediatric Resident at UCLA. We are incredibly proud of her accomplishments!

zoheb medlife alumni

Meet Zoheb Sulaiman, a former MEDLIFE intern, volunteer, SAB member, and Chapter president from the University of Georgia. Today, Zoheb continues his journey as a PGY-5 Infectious Diseases Fellow at the Medical College of Georgia.

medlife alumni crystal

Meet Crystal Rubalcava, a former MEDLIFE Chapter Member, Volunteer, and Intern from UC Berkeley. Today, she’s applying her skills as a Biostatistician at Keck Medicine at USC.

Meet Jake Kincaid, a former MEDLIFE Intern from the University of Colorado Boulder. Now, he’s an Investigative Journalist. During his time with MEDLIFE, he developed strong connections with patients and community members.

Meet Bryan Calderin, a former Chapter Sub-Treasurer and volunteer for multiple SLTs from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Now, he’s a Pediatric Resident at Puerto Rico Women and Children’s Hospital, continuing his journey of service and care.

Meet Rachel Goldberg, a former MEDLIFE Intern from the University of Virginia, now Senior Manager of Social Media at National Geographic! We’re incredibly proud of Rachel’s accomplishments and grateful for her continued dedication to making an impact!

Meet Bhavana Aitha, a former MEDLIFE President from the University of Delaware, who is now poised to begin her journey as an Upcoming Psychiatry Resident at the University of Massachusetts! We’re immensely proud of Bhavana’s achievements and inspired by her ongoing commitment to making a difference.

Meet Ihsan Moosapanah, a former Fundraising Director at the University of South Florida MEDLIFE Chapter, now a Senior Executive Banker! Ihsan’s journey from leading fundraising efforts to excelling in the banking industry is truly remarkable. We applaud his dedication and success in both realms