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Sarah Hillware’s Journey with MEDLIFE

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In a world rife with economic disparities, Sarah Hillware’s commitment to the MEDLIFE mission stands out. Her journey began in 2009 while she was a student at The George Washington University, where she dedicated her time and skills to bringing medicine, education, and development to low-income families worldwide.

Embarking on a Mission

My MEDLIFE involvement started almost serendipitously when I responded to an email about starting a chapter at my university. As president of this chapter, I led a medical mission to Riobamba, Ecuador, in 2011, a pivotal experience that shifted my career focus from pre-med to International Affairs and Global Public Health.

On the Ground with MEDLIFE

The MEDLIFE Mobile Clinics in Ecuador were eye-opening. I worked at various stations, helping provide essential services to the local community. It was enlightening to see that the physicians were all Ecuadorian, many of whom spoke the indigenous language, offering a personal touch to their care. This experience underscored MEDLIFE’s commitment to sustainable, community-focused healthcare.

Leadership and Learning

During my three years with MEDLIFE, I learned the value of servant leadership. It wasn’t about imposing our ideas; it was about listening to the community’s needs. This approach has profoundly influenced my professional life, teaching me the importance of humility and understanding in leadership.

The Impact on My Career

These experiences have enriched my understanding and approach in my current role at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. MEDLIFE’s model of community-driven support has been a guiding principle in my work, emphasizing the need to listen and respond to the community’s needs effectively.

A Message to Future Volunteers

I encourage anyone considering MEDLIFE to take the plunge. The organization offers transformative experiences that teach valuable lessons in global health and leadership. My journey with MEDLIFE was not just about medical missions; it was about understanding the broader context of global health and development.

Reflecting on the Journey

Looking back, I would tell my younger self to embrace the unexpected turns in life. The experiences that challenge our planned paths often lead to the most rewarding journeys. MEDLIFE played a crucial role in shaping my perspective and career, and I’m grateful for the profound impact it has had on my life.

Join the MEDLIFE Mission

Are you inspired to make a difference? Start your own chapter or join an existing one and be part of the MEDLIFE mission to support low-income families through healthcare, education, and development projects. Your journey to making a lasting impact starts here.

MEDLIFE mission