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Carmen Narvaez is a nurse technician, and a part of the MEDPrograms team. The nurses on the MEDLIFE team work directly in the communities to ensure patient follow-up care. The…

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MEDLIFE Doctor Spotlight: Carolina Wong

Thirty-six year old Dr. Carolina Wong has been working with MEDLIFE as a dentist in Lima for almost two years. She was first motivated to pursue medicine because of her…

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Meet the Summer Interns 2017 (Part 1)

The first half of our Summer 2017 Interns have finally arrived in Lima! Keep reading to learn more about them! Aidan Wells: Communications Intern Hometown: Alpharetta, Georgia…

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MEDLIFE Doctor Spotlight: Evelin Mota

Twenty-seven year old doctor Evelin Mota describes her childhood as being centered around serving people.  Having a mother who was a nurse, Evelin spent a lot of time in hospitals growing up, and became aware of…

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