Meet The Staff: Carmen Narvaez - MEDLIFE

Meet The Staff: Carmen Narvaez

Carmen Narvaez is a nurse technician and a vital part of the MEDLIFE support team. The nurses on the MEDLIFE team work directly in the communities to ensure patient follow-up care. They conduct individual visits, check in on patients with serious symptoms, and deliver exam results. When a Mobile Clinic participant receives abnormal test results, this team accompanies them every step of the way to recovery. Carmen loves working directly with patients in the MEDLIFE clinic to support their needs and make them happy.

Hometown and Background

Carmen is from Lima and lives in San Juan de Lurigancho.

18839222 1450080975030940 6631311400114263089 nMembers of the MEDPrograms team are constantly in the field working on mobile clinics, providing patient follow-up, and working with community members to ensure successful MEDLIFE initiatives.


Joining the MEDLIFE Team

Carmen saw an announcement that MEDLIFE was looking for nurses. She applied, got accepted, and had the opportunity to become part of the MEDLIFE support team.

Passion for Patient Care

Carmen loves visiting patients, working directly in the MEDLIFE clinic, and leading educational workshops.

MEDLIFE clinicHere, Carmen demonstrates the steps of a Pap smear exam at a night-time educational workshop in Villa El Salvador.


Impactful Patient Experiences

Many patients have had a strong impact on Carmen. She often provides emotional support, listening to their problems, which sometimes aren’t just medical. Patients share their life stories, making Carmen feel their pain and struggles.

Previous Experience with NGOs

Before MEDLIFE, Carmen worked with another NGO called Manuela Ramos. This organization focuses on women’s sexual and reproductive rights, empowering them to make informed decisions about contraception, report violence, and have regular Pap smear exams.

MEDLIFE clinicCarmen makes a follow-up visit with Maura Morales, a MEDLIFE patient who was in a moto-taxi accident and required major reconstructive surgery.


Importance of Her Work

Carmen believes that her work is crucial in helping women prioritize their health. Women often care for their families but neglect their own health. Many patients with severe illnesses are women who need to understand that their health is also a priority.

Free Time Activities

In her free time, Carmen enjoys dancing, walking, and relaxing at home on weekends.

Responsibilities During Clinic Weeks

During MEDLIFE clinic weeks, Carmen has many responsibilities, including working with volunteers to fill patients’ prescriptions. Her dedication ensures that patients receive the care and support they need.

MEDLIFE clinicOn clinic weeks, one of Carmen’s many responsibilities includes working with volunteers to fill patients’ perscriptions.