Meet the Summer Interns 2017 (Part 1) - MEDLIFE

Meet the Summer Interns 2017 (Part 1)

The first half of our Summer 2017 MEDLIFE Intern have finally arrived in Lima! Keep reading to learn more about them!

Aidan Wells: Communications Intern

Hometown: Alpharetta, GeorgiaMEDLIFE intern
School: University of Georgia
Major: Biology & Spanish with a minor in Global Health





Aidan Wells brings his passion for graphic design and Spanish to MEDLIFE as our Communications Intern.

How Aidan Joined MEDLIFE

As a freshman at the University of Georgia, Aidan was captivated by MEDLIFE’s mission during an activities fair. His journey began with the local chapter and has now led him to Lima, eager to enhance MEDLIFE’s online presence.

Exploring Lima

Lima’s bustling metropolis offers Aidan a stark contrast to his previous experiences in Cusco. Navigating the city’s vastness presents daily adventures as he settles into his volunteering internship.

Goals for the Internship

Aidan aims to revamp MEDLIFE National’s social media strategy, connecting with volunteers and chapters worldwide while honing his Spanish skills.


Aly Beeman: Volunteer Affairs Intern

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
School: University of Tampa 
Major: I am majoring in public health with a concentration in health education and promotion! I will also have a minor in sociology 

Meet Aly Beeman, driven by her global health passion to contribute to MEDLIFE’s mission.

Introduction to MEDLIFE

Encouraged by a professor, Aly’s involvement with MEDLIFE began with founding her university’s chapter. Now, she joins the Lima team to deepen her impact in global health.

First Impressions of Lima

Lima’s dynamic energy and cultural richness captivate Aly, promising a summer filled with surf lessons and salsa classes.

Internship Goals

Aly aspires to translate classroom knowledge into practical solutions for global health equity, leveraging her internship to empower communities.


Brandy Collum: Volunteer Affairs Intern

MEDLIFE internHometown: Harvest, Alabama
School: The University of Alabama
Major: Marketing and Spanish

Brandy Collum joins MEDLIFE driven by a desire to serve and learn in a new cultural landscape.

Background and Motivation

Hailing from Alabama, Brandy’s journey into global health began with experiences in Panama and the Dominican Republic. Her decision to intern at MEDLIFE stems from a desire to merge hands-on service with organizational insight.

Adapting to Lima

For Brandy, Lima’s bustling streets and vibrant culture offer a stark contrast to her hometown, promising a transformative summer experience.

Internship Aspirations

Brandy aims to deepen her understanding of MEDLIFE’s operations, serve communities effectively, and explore potential career paths in global health.

Grace Akin: Volunteer Affairs Intern

Hometown: Maryville, IL
School: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Major: Molecular & Cellular Biology


Grace Akin shares her journey from curiosity to commitment with MEDLIFE.

Discovery of MEDLIFE

Introduced through university channels, Grace’s fascination with global health deepened during a mobile clinic in Ecuador, inspiring her to take leadership roles within her local chapter.

Personal Insights

A knitting enthusiast and marathon trainee, Grace looks forward to exploring Lima’s natural beauty while expanding her understanding of global health challenges.

Professional Growth

Grace seeks to immerse herself in MEDLIFE’s mobile clinic operations, bridging theoretical knowledge with practical skills to foster positive change.

MEDLIFE internOur 2017 Summer Interns spent their first week working in the field to help build a safer staircase in the Bella Vista Community.
Our interns embody MEDLIFE’s spirit of service and learning, each bringing unique skills and perspectives to our mission. As they embark on this transformative journey in Lima, they aim to not only contribute meaningfully but also grow both personally and professionally. Follow their stories as they unfold this summer, and witness firsthand the impact of MEDLIFE support on communities worldwide.