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MEDLIFE Doctor Spotlight: Carolina Wong

Thirty-six-year-old Dr. Carolina Wong has been working with MEDLIFE as a dentist in Lima for almost two years. She was first motivated to pursue medicine because of her desire to connect with patients and help people with their problems. With her passion for serving others, Dr. Carolina was a natural fit for the MEDLIFE team. MEDLIFE support has been instrumental in her journey.

Inspiration to Work in MEDLIFE’s Mobile Clinics

We sat down with Dr. Carolina to learn more about her story. She shared her reasons for joining MEDLIFE’s Mobile Clinics. “I really like working with MEDLIFE because I get to have direct contact with people volunteering, trying to resolve the patients’ questions and ailments,” she said.

Balancing Clinic and Community Work

When not working on a Mobile Clinic, Dr. Carolina spends her time in a dental practice. She also participates in the Qali Warma project, attending to children 11 years old and younger in schools. This balance allows her to serve different communities effectively.


dentistDr. Carolina Wong is one of several dentists who work regularly with MEDLIFE in Lima.


Life in Lima

Dr. Carolina describes Lima as a beautiful city with many people. “The people are very good, friendly, caring, and kind,” she noted. This warm environment makes her work even more fulfilling.

Impactful Experiences in Mobile Clinics

Working on Mobile Clinics has given Dr. Carolina numerous impactful experiences as dentist. “There are so many families and places here in Lima… There’s no way to know all of the communities,” she said. She shared a touching story about a mother of four who sold vegetables to support her children. Despite her struggles, the mother always ensured her children were well cared for and protected. This memory stays with Dr. Carolina.


dentistHere, Dr. Carolina works to fill a cavity on a Mobile Clinic patient.


Joys of Mobile Clinics

Dr. Carolina enjoys helping people through Mobile Clinics. She loves interacting with students and responding to their questions. “I like that we are able to all be one family,” she shared.

Advice for Future Volunteers

Dr. Carolina has some advice for future volunteers. “They are going to have a really great experience with the patients here in Peru, both adults and kids,” she said. Volunteers will learn a lot at every station, including dental, OBGYN, general medicine, and pharmacy. They will also get to experience the unique Lima heat!

dentistDr. Carolina Wong is an invaluable member of the MEDLIFE team. She always works very closely with volunteers to ensure they get the most of their Mobile Clinic experience.

Dr. Carolina Wong’s dedication and passion for her work as a dentist with MEDLIFE support highlight the importance of connecting with and serving the community. Her experiences and stories are a testament to the impact that one can have through dedication and compassion.