MEDLIFE Student Awards 2019



2019 best chapter 1

2019 c o c

The MEDLIFE West Virginia University Chapter has done outstanding work both locally and internationally this year. The Chapter increased their overall membership base, volunteered in local service initiatives such as RAM, and sent an impressive 58 volunteers on a Lima Service Learning Trip this summer - shattering the Chapter's previous SLT volunteer record. Their enthusiasm for the Movement is evident and we are proud to name them this year's Best Chapter!  


2019 2

The Universidad de Puerto Rico - Aguadilla has been highly active this year, collaborating with underserved populations both in the communities where MEDLIFE works but also at home within their own communities! The Chapter donated $2,000 in support of the MEDLIFE Movement's work for medicine, education, and development this year, as well as sent on the ground support with 56 volunteers on a Tena Service Learning Trip this May. 


2019 3

MEDLIFErs at the University of Pittsburgh are dedicated and mission-driven. All year long they've put on great events and fostered a strong campus community. During their Service Learning Trip in March, our staff was blown away with their knowledge, compassion, and commitment to improving the lives of those living in poverty. With an impressive leadership team to boot, this Chapter has demonstrated incredible dedication and commitment to the Movement this year. 

 2019 best HS chapter

2019 4

The NoVa High School Chapter is filled with dedicated and passionate students who have spent the past year building a strong community-based Chapter. The E-Board successfully coordinated their first Service Learning Trip to Lima, Peru - bringing 14 students and 2 parent chaperones. Their enthusiasm and commitment to the MEDLIFE Movement were evident throughout the Mobile Clinics. We are excited to see what the future holds for this Chapter!



The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico High School Chapter has hosted a variety of exciting activities throughout the year that represent MEDLIFE's Mission and Vision on both a local level and international level. They are bright young leaders in the Movement, and we're excited to watch them continue their Chapter growth!



The Highland High School Chapter has had a great impact this school year. Extremely dedicated and motivated, the MEDLIFErs have worked hard to organize a Service Learning Trip to Tena, Ecuador as well as a number of initiatives at home. We look forward to watching them continue to grow as a Chapter this upcoming year! 

 2019 best NEW chapter

2019 5

We are thrilled that Detroit Mercy joined the MEDLIFE Movement this year. They are enthusiastic and clearly dedicated to the MEDLIFE mission and vision. They came to Lima this December, and are already planning their trip to Cusco for next year. We are excited to see them grow!


This year the Chapter has elevated the bar for spreading the Movement on social platforms. From their captivating graphics to their bright, friendly photos - the Universidad de Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras has dominated social media. They are a shining example of how to spread the MEDLIFE Movement in the digital age!
The Chapters collaborated on a Giving Tuesday event, “Giving Train” - a community initiative that involves donating non-perishable food items to Montreal families. Both Chapters brought lots of donations and celebrated with members of the MEDLIFE Movement within the greater Montreal community! 
The Chapter integrates all three pillars of MEDLIFE - Medicine, Education, and Development - in impressively innovative ways.
From a General Body Meeting focused on art therapy, to fundraisers with the NBA, to volunteering in their local Detroit community, the Chapter is spreading the MEDLIFE Movement in every way!
The High School Chapter has been hosting Education Presentations throughout the academic year that involved many of the issues occurring in locations where MEDLIFE works, which not only created more awareness among young individuals but also encouraged SLT volunteering for this summer!
The Chapter has been a powerhouse in spreading the MEDLIFE Movement in Colombia, SC. Their dedicated E-Board has motivated students to engage globally on Service Learning Trips. Their passion and hard work was apparent during their Winter SLT to Tena, Ecuador. We can't wait to see what the upcoming year brings them!
Bringing together 63 volunteers for a Service Learning Trip in Cusco, Peru this March, the Chapter gave our Movement a wonderful example of the positive impact community organizing at home can have! Their week of service in remote communities surrounding Cusco brought quality healthcare, education, and safe homes to hundreds of community members, many of whom would not have received care without their support.
Concordia University has focused their entire year on service. In addition to volunteering in regularly recurring service events, this year the Chapter was selected to join the UN Millennium Fellowship Project, where Chapter members worked directly with university and community leaders to raise money for children with mental disabilities in the Montreal area.
Concordia University also teamed up with other MEDLIFE Chapters in the Montreal area to volunteer in a holiday service event to commemorate Giving Tuesday. Additionally, the Chapter will be sending their first-ever delegation to Kilimanjaro, Tanzania this year!


2019 leadership

justina sophia ashley
Drexel University
Justina keeps her Chapter motivated and organized throughout the year. Thanks in part to her leadership, the Drexel Chapter has grown exponentially on campus and the number of MEDLIFErs volunteering on a Service Learning trip grew by 50% from the previous year! 
University Of Exeter
Sohpia has taken on every opportunity to excel within leadership. In Spring 2017 she took part in MEDLIFE’s UK Internship program in Lima, Peru. With the skills and knowledge she learned, she returned to the University of Exeter to not only create a new Society but created the largest Service Learning Trip coming out of the UK this year! She has further excelled taking on a position in the Student Advisory board that helps other Societies in the UK.
Universidad De Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras
Ashley has shown incredible leadership as the President of her Chapter this academic year! During her tenure, the Chapter has had a dominant presence on social media. Ashley has pushed her Chapter to spread the MEDLIFE Movement both abroad on Service Learning Trips and at home with initiatives like a Deaf Culture Workshop.
Ananya beau maddy
College of Charleston
Ananya is one of the founding members of her Chapter and has stood out as an all-star leader since the beginning. Ananya was able to organize not one but two Service Learning Trips within the Chapter's first year. She and her stellar E-Board have also planned a wide variety of creative and engaging events including a henna fundraiser and a gym stair step challenge.
Indiana University
Beau has had a variety of leadership positions with his Chapter and will be president next year. This year as Trips Coordinator and then Vice President, he and his team organized for more the 60 MEDLIFErs to travel to Cusco over spring break. Beau - and the entire Indiana MEDLIFE Chapter - are leaders not only in their local community but also within the MEDLIFE community.
Chapman University
Maddy has been an absolutely amazing leader this entire year with revamping the Chapter, navigating obstacles with the university's administration, and organizing an SLT to Cusco. Her and her team have been communicative throughout the entire process and are always receptive to new ideas. It's impressive they were able to organize their own clinic as a new Chapter!

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