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Discover inspiring stories from former students and past Chapter presidents about their transformative SLT experiences. Watch all the testimonials:

Past MEDLIFErs Testimonials 

“It was an excellent experience, one that can’t be easily replaced. It helped me grow as a person and a leader. I had never been president of anything or organized something so complicated so this was a good base for my field.”

Miguel, Endodontist
Binghamton University

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“I feel like my whole life changed. This trip is now kind of my mantra. I think you can be told about poverty, you can read and see pictures about it but if you haven’t seen it before I don’t think you can really see the impact that one person can have.”

Beau, Medical Student
Indiana University

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“MEDLIFE it’s just a really neat way to become more aware of what’s outside of America or whatever country you might be from. Seeing other healthcare systems, seeing the lives of the people, and knowing that there’s more beyond just your front door.”

Caleb, Pre Med Student
Murray State university

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“When I went on these trips we saw patients of different education levels and how local nutrition played a role in what diseases were prevalent among them. I think about that a lot and now we take into account the education level, socioeconomic status, access to nutrition, transportation, insurance as I got to see a lot of that during my time in MEDLIFE.”

Rohan, Biologist
Drexel University

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“I think that being on these med trips, working with diverse populations, people who I never met before, and having to build those connections has been such a great skill to learn and something I have also gotten to use in my gap year here in the Dominican Republic.”

Emily, Medical Student
Creighton University

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“I think MEDLIFE really showed me that there’s communities in need everywhere so when I went to Ecuador and Peru I saw there were a lot of communities who did not have access to healthcare. When I came back to the US I saw a lot of those problems here too.”

Dalia, Medical Student
University of Central Florida

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