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Volunteer Abroad Opportunities For Pre-Med Students

A MEDLIFE Service Learning Trip is a week-long educational journey to Peru, Ecuador, or Costa Rica where volunteers work hand-in-hand with the local community on development projects, mobile medical clinics, and more. The trip allows volunteers to understand the realities of extreme poverty firsthand, personally connect them with the communities that MEDLIFE supports, and ignite action within them to join the MEDLIFE Movement in the fight for a world free from the constraints of poverty.

Why Join a MEDLIFE Service Learning Trip?

Service Learning Trips are excellent stepping stones for anyone interested in a career in medical care. Staffed by local practitioners, clinics offer basic medical treatment and preventative screenings. These clinics are specially designed to find patients who are in need of long-term assistance.


SLT volunteers get the opportunity to work alongside the medical professionals who work full-time in the Mobile Clinics. While assisting them, volunteers can learn firsthand about patient care, diagnosing, administering treatment, screening, prescribing medicine, and more. Volunteering in a Mobile Clinic provides real-life experience with patients that simply cannot be taught in a classroom. Volunteers learn to work with patients of different backgrounds and cultures, which is a vital skill for anyone looking to enter the medical field.


A Service Learning Trip is a perfect experience for anyone looking to learn outside of the classroom while also assisting low-income communities to access quality healthcare. We also have medical volunteer opportunities for teachers! If you would like to have a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience while making a difference, check out our upcoming SLTs and sign up today!