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The Importance of Preventative Health


It is very important to MEDLIFE that the citizens of the communities we serve have the necessary information
to maintaina stable quality of life, which is why we hold educational workshops on various health topics. Last week, we held an educational workshop in the community of Oasis Nª3 in the district of Villa El Salvador for the first time, where we presented important information on diverse themes of preventative health.

More than 40 community members attended the workshop. They were first given educational brochures and then participated in an introductory conversation led by Carlos Benavides, Director of MEDLIFE Peru, about the importance of preventative health care measures.




Following that conversation our field nurse and patient follow-up coordinator Ruth Varona led an important presentation on women’s health, which included topics such as cervical cancerand the importance of getting an annual pap smear. Our other patient follow-up coordinator Lucia Suarez  furthered the discussion by giving a presentation on STIs. Lastly, our nurse Dina gave an informative presentation on diabetesand how to maintain a balanced diet.

The attendees showed a lot of interest in learning more about preventative health. After the presentations, conversation continued in the room, where community members asked several questions to the nurses about all the health topics that were discussed. The enthusiasm in the room grew when community members learned of the possibility of MEDLIFE holding a Mobile Clinicthere in the near future.

It was a good afternoon for the community of Oasis Nª3, as they received a great deal of information on preventative health care measures that will ultimately help further improve their quality of life.