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The Importance of Strong Families in Our Communities

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Here at MEDLIFE, we recognize that strong families arecentral to any community or society.

In the communities we serve, maintaining healthy families is one of the most important ways for members to work together and move their communities forward. Recognizing this importance, MEDLIFE held a new education workshop in the “Fernando Belaunde” community in Villa Maria del Triufno that focused on the importance of healthy families and ways to prevent domestic violence.


The workshop began with an introductory speech from Carlos Benavides, Director of MEDLIFE Peru. The first half of the workshop was athorough discussion on domestic violence led by Fanny Vargas. She discussedthe root of domestic violence and ways to prevent it, such as education on respecting the opposite gender from a young age.

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After Fanny’s presentation, nurses Ruth Varona and Lucia Suarez led talks on topics such as breast cancer and STIs, along with examples ofways to prevent such conditions such as giving self-breast exams. Fanny Vargas again stepped into the presentation to explain the step-by-step process of a pap smear. The community members asked questionsthroughout, and expressed a genuine desire to learn more about preventative health.

Finally, Carlos Benavides closed the workshop by thanking the attendees for
coming and for engaging in the discussion, emphasizing that this participation isone of our most important priorities here at MEDLIFE.