Working Hand In Hand With Ecuador Communities - MEDLIFE

Working Hand In Hand With Ecuador Communities

Volunteering in Ecuador offers a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of marginalized communities. The MEDLIFE Ecuador staff, predominantly comprised of dedicated women, tirelessly dedicate themselves to delivering essential healthcare, education, and development initiatives to the communities surrounding Riobamba and Tena. Learn more about their impactful work below!


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Community Engagement: Listening and Collaborating

In every MEDLIFE location, including Ecuador, community engagement is paramount. Upon introduction to a new community, the team initiates dialogue by actively listening to the community’s needs. Martha, the Director of MEDLIFE Ecuador, fosters connections with community leaders, known as dirigentes, to facilitate community meetings. These meetings are often scheduled on weekday evenings to accommodate busy schedules. They serve as platforms for community members to voice their concerns and aspirations.

In districts like Punin, comprising numerous smaller communities, MEDLIFE begins by attending town hall meetings. Here, the team attentively listens to the indigenous population, predominantly Quichua speakers, with the aid of translators. Martha articulates MEDLIFE’s collaborative approach, emphasizing transparency and the absence of hidden agendas. She elaborates on the organization’s non-governmental, non-religious status and underscores the provision of quality healthcare and development services free of charge.

Martha further outlines opportunities for community involvement, such as participating in Mobile Clinics through the Ecuador Service Learning Trip. Emphasizing inclusivity, MEDLIFE encourages dirigentes to engage neighboring communities, fostering a collective approach to community improvement projects.

Forging Local Partnerships: Amplifying Impact

Collaboration with local entities amplifies MEDLIFE’s impact in Ecuador. Partnerships, like the one with Sumak Kawsay Wasi, a government organization providing medical and development support in Napo Province, enable larger-scale initiatives. Together, MEDLIFE and Sumak Kawsay Wasi addressed critical infrastructure needs at Unidad Educativa Emilio Cecco, a local school serving nearly 300 students.

Previously, the school struggled with inadequate restroom facilities, with only six toilets for the entire student body. Despite years of appeals, the school lacked the resources to address this pressing issue. In response, MEDLIFE and Sumak Kawsay Wasi mobilized resources and volunteers to renovate the school’s bathrooms, ensuring accessibility for students with disabilities.

This collaborative effort exemplifies MEDLIFE’s commitment to continuous support beyond short-term service trips. By partnering with local organizations, MEDLIFE extends its reach to more marginalized communities, advancing the shared vision of a poverty-free world.


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