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List of Social Determinants of Health: Social and Community Context

Knowing and understanding the social determinants of health is crucial for comprehending the multifaceted factors influencing community well-being and global health. These determinants cover a range of social and environmental factors that shape health outcomes, one of them being social and community context. Before we discuss this, let’s go over the list of social determinants of health, particularly highlighting their significance in low-income areas.

What are the Five Social Determinants of Health?

Economic Stability: This includes employment, income, debt, and financial security. Economic stability affects access to resources like housing, nutritious food, and healthcare.

Education: Educational attainment and access to quality schooling impact health literacy, employment opportunities, and overall well-being.

Social and Community Context: This involves social cohesion, community engagement, discrimination, and social support networks. Strong social ties and supportive communities can provide buffer against health risks.

Healthcare Access and Quality: Accessibility to healthcare services, health insurance coverage, and quality of care received are critical determinants influencing health outcomes.

Neighborhood and Built Environment: This comprises of housing quality, access to green spaces, transportation options, and environmental factors like air and water quality. These elements significantly impact physical and mental health.

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Community Impact of Social Determinants of Health

Social and community contexts can be detrimental in shaping health disparities, particularly in low-income communities. Often in these areas, economic instability translates into limited access to nutritious food, health care services, and safe housing. Educational opportunities may be difficult to access, impacting employment prospects and health literacy among residents. Social cohesion and community engagement are also crucial for promoting health behaviors and reducing social isolation, which are essential for mental well-being.

The impact of these social determinants of health becomes very clear in neighborhoods with inadequate infrastructure and limited resources. For instance, poor housing conditions contribute to respiratory illnesses, while environmental hazards increase the risk of chronic diseases. Lack of access to health care exacerbates these issues, leading to higher rates of preventable illnesses and deficient health outcomes overall.

Addressing Health Disparities Through Community Interventions

Improving health outcomes in low-income communities requires holistic interventions that directly address these social determinants. MEDLIFE’s mobile clinics aim to assist in providing access to comprehensive health care from trained professionals, while also engaging with our patients to spread knowledge about preventative care. Workshops about early signs of cancer and related diseases are tools that can change the health outcomes of not just the attendants of the mobile clinics, but everyone they choose to impart that knowledge to.

Our initiatives that are aimed at improving the built environment, such as urban planning for green spaces and safe neighborhoods, can also contribute to healthier living conditions. Improved infrastructure can deeply impact the safety of a community, and recreational spaces provide the opportunity to come together and socialize, fostering a sense of unity.

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Knowing the list of social determinants of health is essential for assisting in effective public health strategies and promoting health equity. By addressing economic stability, educational opportunities, social support networks, healthcare access, and built environment issues, our partner communities in Latin America and Africa can work towards lifting the burden of these disparities and improving overall health.

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