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How To Choose The Best Volunteering Destination: Lima vs Cusco

When you volunteer abroad with MEDLIFE in Peru, you have the option between visiting Lima and Cusco. If you are unfamiliar with Peru as a whole and are having trouble deciding which city you should choose, here are some things to consider first.

1. Location and Culture

Lima, the capital city of Peru, offers a vibrant urban experience with a diverse population and modern amenities. It has a rich cultural scene, historical sites, and a bustling city life. On the other hand, Cusco is a smaller city located near the famous Machu Picchu. It is known for its rich Inca heritage, stunning natural landscapes, and a unique blend of indigenous and Spanish influences. Consider which atmosphere and cultural experience you prefer.

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2. Accessibility

Lima is the main international gateway to Peru, and it has a well-connected airport with flights from various parts of the world. If accessibility and transportation convenience are important to you, Lima might be a more suitable choice. Cusco, although it has its own airport, typically requires a connection through Lima or other major cities.

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3. Language Considerations

If you have a preference for learning or practicing Spanish, both Lima and Cusco offer opportunities to immerse yourself in the language. Lima being a larger city may have more English-speaking residents and businesses, while Cusco, being a popular tourist destination, might have more exposure to different languages.

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4. Budget

Consider your budget for volunteering. Accommodation, food, and travel fees can vary between Lima and Cusco. Lima may generally have a higher cost of living due to its capital city status, while Cusco, being more tourism-oriented, might have a range of affordable options.

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5. Personal Preferences

Think about your personal preferences and what you hope to gain from your SLT experience. Are you more drawn to urban environments, or do you prefer the charm of a smaller city surrounded by natural beauty? Consider your comfort level in different environments and the type of experience you are seeking.

It is important to note that while you are on your Service Learning Trip, a majority of your time will be spent in the field in our partner communities. The time you will be spending in the city is when you are off-duty and on your own personal time.

Ultimately, the choice between Lima and Cusco as a volunteering destination depends on your individual priorities and preferences. It may be helpful to read reviews from past volunteers as well as reach out to the MEDLIFE team to book an appointment and discuss your choice with them. You can also research the Service Learning Trip experience in Lima and Cusco on our website.