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Peer Education in Pamplona: An Unexpected Weapon in the Fight Against Anemia

Education is an integral tool for improving the overall health of communities and promoting healthy lifestyles; likewise, it is a core component of MEDLIFE’s work in Latin America. Our most recent educational workshop in Peru focused on nutritional problems that plague the communities of Pamplona Alta, such as anemia, infant and child undernutrition, and the risk of parasitic infections. This workshop combined MEDLIFE’s resources with those of a local leader, Sara Torres, who helped organize and run the event.

We first met Sara on a Mobile Clinic in her community of El Trebol. Sara runs a comedor (community kitchen), which receives formal government support through subsidies on specific food items. We learned that not only was Sara already providing low-cost meals to members of her community, but she was also passionate about educating them about the importance of a well-balanced diet. Together, we developed a workshop to teach tips for battling malnutrition, including how to use a somewhat surprising ingredient  — chicken blood — to combat anemia.

Watch the video below for highlights from the event:


According to the World Food Programme (WFP) in Peru, “approximately 11 million people (38%) do not cover their minimum daily calories intake (2,100Kcal).” The WFP also notes the importance of using sangrecita (chicken-blood pudding) to prevent anemia, and has published a cookbook of over 40 household recipes containing sangrecita. More on the WFP program can be found here.