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The Construction of Soledad’s House has Been Completed!

In April of 2017 MEDLIFE completed one of our long-term projects, building a house for Soledad and her son. MEDLIFE met Soledad in 2014 (full story here), and upon see her living conditions, we knew we needed to get her a new home. The home she was in was unsafe, and appeared to be on the verge of collapse. The fundraising process and construction process was long, but we succeeded. A group of students from Cornell University, who helped fundraise for the house, got to be there to help put on the finishing touches, see the finished project and meet Soledad themselves.


blog soledadThe back of the old, structurally insecure house.


blog soledad3Soledad and her son, inside their old home in 2014.


IMG 7947The completed house.


Volunteers helped us add the finishing touches on their volunteer trip!


IMG 7866


IMG 7931


IMG 7995


IMG 8041Soledad, on the day her new home was completed.


IMG 8031


IMG 8052


IMG 8053


IMG 8104


IMG 8107Thank you to this group of volunteers for your help fundraising and finishing the house!


2017 04 13Thank you to our year long interns for all of your help on this project!



MEDLIFE Future Project: A New Home for Soledad from MEDLIFE on Vimeo.