Hygiene Project: Palmira - MEDLIFE

Hygiene Project: Palmira


Students and teachers at 27 de Febrero School in the community of Palmira in Riobamba, Ecuador are now benefitting from new bathrooms, classrooms and a better education due to a MEDLIFE Hygiene Project that was completed in May of 2011. Prior to the construction of new bathrooms, students only had access to an uncovered area with two toilets located in between trees near the school. Students would have to go accompanied by a teacher and have them hold a blanket in front of them for privacy.


During a span of 20 days, MEDLIFE student volunteers from all over the U.S. helped to construct the new hygience service areas along with members of the Palmira community. Their Mobile Clinic during March of 2011 helped provide the financing that made this project possible. 

Because of the help that MEDLIFE provided to improve health and hygiene for these children, local authorities were made aware of the school’s needs in these areas. A few months later, they aided in the construction of more bathrooms and classrooms and in the hiring of more and better qualified teachers. 

palmira inauguration

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