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Telan Playa Classroom Project

In 2010, the inception of the MEDLIFE Fund can be traced back to a humble classroom construction project in Telan Playa, Ecuador. This initiative marked the beginning of MEDLIFE’s commitment to sustainable development projects in Peru and Ecuador, utilizing 100% of public donations and student chapter fundraising for such noble causes.

Telan Playa Encounter:


On March 10, 2010, MEDLIFE volunteers embarked on a journey to Telan Playa, Ecuador. The remote village, inaccessible by road, required an hour-long bus ride followed by a short hike. Upon reaching the local schoolhouse for a Mobile Clinic, volunteers were greeted by a stark reality – 55 children crammed into a single, small classroom.

Addressing the Educational Challenge:

Recognizing the pressing need for change, MEDLIFE volunteers witnessed the limitations of the current educational infrastructure. With teachers struggling to provide quality instruction in such cramped conditions, the dire situation demanded immediate attention.

Fundraising Initiative:

Inspired by a commitment to make a lasting impact, MEDLIFE student members didn’t stop at providing medical care. Instead, they initiated a nationwide fundraising

campaign across MEDLIFE chapters in the USA. In just six weeks, enough funds were raised to construct a second classroom for the school.

Telan Playa Classroom Project Implementation:

Empowered by the influx of funds and enthusiasm, MEDLIFE collaborated with MEDVIDA staff in Ecuador. Martha Chicaiza, Director of MEDVIDA Ecuador, spearheaded the project, coordinating efforts with local community leaders and Ecuador’s Ministry of Health. Groundbreaking took place in May 2010, and the inauguration, graced by MEDLIFE founder Nick Ellis, occurred in July 2010. The schoolroom has been in operation since the start of the 2010-2011 school year.

Impactful Transformation:

Today, when MEDLIFE volunteers return to Telan Playa for Mobile Clinic visits, the scene has undergone a remarkable transformation. No longer do they witness 55 students crammed into an undersized classroom. Instead,


they find students and teachers benefiting from the comfort, amplification, and privacy that the second classroom provides.

Ongoing Commitment:

The Telan Playa Classroom Project exemplifies MEDLIFE’s dedication to collaborating with local institutions, aiming to deliver higher-quality education to the children of Ecuador. This commitment goes beyond temporary relief, creating sustainable change that resonates for years to come.

The Telan Playa classroom project has served as a template for future MEDLIFE Fund projects. Our in-country staff encounters ideas for potential projects while visiting communities during Mobile Clinics. From there, MEDLIFE seeks to engage all stakeholders (local families, community leaders, and government institutions) in implementing a solution. This system has led to the development of projects such as the Pamplona, Lima stairway projects and the Colta bathroom construction projects. In the coming hear we hope to expand the MEDLIFE Fund to include even bigger and more advanced projects!