Inauguration of a new staircase in Union de Santa Fe - MEDLIFE

Inauguration of a new staircase in Union de Santa Fe

Last Friday the MEDLIFE summer interns joined the community members of Union de Santa Fe to inaugurate the completion of a new staircase. Not only will this provide safe and secure access to several homes but is the main point of access to the newly constructed second floor of the Wawa Wasi.

IMG 3678

Thank you to all the 2017 summer interns for the help on this project and all your work over the last three months. 

IMG 3052The summer interns delivering plants to decorate the area around the new staircase.

IMG 3144

IMG 3081

IMG 3163

IMG 3137The traditional MEDLIFE red paint adds some color to the new staircase.

IMG 3235

IMG 3282

IMG 3362

IMG 3218

IMG 3384

IMG 3445Balloons are a vital part of any MEDLIFE inauguration here in Lima and with the addition of a heart the finishing touches are compete.

IMG 3661

IMG 3583

IMG 3673MEDLIFE staff and the 2017 summer interns at the base of the completed staircase.