At the end of the Mobile Clinic season, MEDLIFE is able to start working with patients more closely and with a more in-depth approach. Mobile Clinics bring with them a series of patients who are later entered into the MEDLIFE follow up program.  Among these patients, there are many whose health complications would be easily treated in a medical center.  This was the case with two patients we met in the last winter Mobile Clinic season.


Adanel Isaac Lema Paguay (4 years old) lives with his parents and two sisters in the community of Sanja Pampa, Canton Guano, in the province of Chimborazo, Ecuador. In December of 2016, we held a mobile clinic in Sanja Pampa. That’s when we met Adanel, who was attended to by one of our local professional doctors. After examining him, the doctor’s report stated that Adanel suffered from heart disease. Since this anomaly in Adanel’s health required treatment, he became part of our patient follow-up program.


14 12 6103A photo of Adanel taken during his first home visit.


Shortly after receiving this diagnosis, we visited Adanel and his family at home to explain his condition and let them know that MEDLIFE would support them with whatever medical care he needed. 


MEDLIFE then contacted the Fundación Metrofraternidad, a non-profit branch of the Hospital Metropolitano in Quito, to make an appointment with one of the physicians there. On May 24, 2017 we traveled to the appointment alongside Adanel and his family. Here, doctors confirmed that Adanel was suffering from a systolic murmur. Doctors also performed an echocardiogram on that same day, and the cardiologist later diagnosed Adanel with a mild functional deficiency of the tricuspid valve. The doctor explained to us that it is not a problem which requires surgery, and, with due treatment, Adanel could easily be cured and finally be able to run, play, and do all the activities a child his age should enjoy.


14 12 6100Adanel getting examined by one of the physicians at the Hospital Metropolitano in Quito, Ecuador.


Shortly after meeting Adanel, we met Felix Fernando Sagnama Chimbo (12 years old), this time at a mobile clinic in the community of Pull Grande, Canton Guamote, where Felix lives. During his consultation with one of the MEDLIFE physicians, Felix complained of major discomfort in the eye. There was no doubt that Felix was a person who needed to continue with medical care after the mobile clinic.


14 12 6085Felix and his father at their first follow-up appointment.


As we do with all of our follow-up patients, MEDLIFE visited Felix and his family after the clinic ended to let them know that, if they accepted the help, MEDLIFE would be assisting with Felix’s medical care from then on. 


We later made an appointment at an eye clinic in Quito, where the ophthalmologist informed us that Felix was suffering from severe allergies due to the wind and dust that exists in the area where his family lives. His sight was fine, and there were no major complications. The doctor then prescribed eyedrops to treat the allergies, and now Felix is feeling completely healthy. 


14 12 6086Felix has his eyes checked at the ophthalmologist.


Once again, MEDLIFE is proud because we have been able to help patients who are suffering from ill health find treatment thanks to our guidance.