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Meet the Patient: Caroline (Moshi, Tanzania)

Caroline is a six year old girl from Kilema-Moshi. We met Caroline in May 2017, while a MEDLIFE mobile clinic at her community.


Caroline is a young and charming girl, who was diagnosed with Chronic Tonsillitis during her visit at the Mobile clinic. Due to her condition, she was then put into our follow-up patient program.


The first home visit at Caroline’s place was on 11th August 2017 with Dr. Geofrey who is also our clinic doctor. The MEDLIFE team were able to talk to her together with her siblings.  


The doctor recommended for possible surgery. An appointment at KCMC at ENT Department was made and Caroline was able to see the doctor on 18th August 2017. The doctor commented for a quick surgery as the tonsils were too big and give her discomfort especially at night. A second appointment was made on 21st August 2017 for admission, but it wasn’t successful since there were too many patients and our team couldn’t get a bed. They were told to come the following day 22nd August 2017, and finally they found a bed so she was admitted on that day. The next day, 23rd August in the afternoon, she was operated.

“We are happy the operation went so well. Since she didn’t have any complications, she was discharged from the hospital on 24th August.” Neema told us.

Caroline was very happy knowing she will be going back home to meet the rest of her family and be able to go back to school once again.


What is the MEDLIFE patient follow-up program? When patients are simply referred to local hospitals for treatments many times they still fail to receive the actual treatment they need due to lack of resources, lack of confidence, or lack of a true understanding about their medical problems. For all of these reasons, MEDLIFE has developed a year-round patient follow-up process. We support our patients in many ways. We provide financial resources for treatments, emotional support, nutritional assistance for malnourished families, and educational resources to help individuals better understand their conditions.