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Meet the Patient: Zaida

Meet Zaida, our 27-year-old patient who is a single mother from Las Colinas, Peru. Zaida exemplifies resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Her unwavering commitment to her two daughters, aged 9 and 4, drives her to overcome every challenge that comes her way.

patientZaida is a devoted mother who works hard everyday to support her children.

Overcoming Obstacles

Despite being abandoned by her partner four years ago, leaving her to fend for herself and her children, Zaida refused to succumb to despair. Instead, she sought employment in a recycling program, collecting papers and bottles to make ends meet. However, the lack of affordable childcare forced her to get creative in balancing work and parenting responsibilities.

A Courageous Step Forward

In a bold move to secure a better future for her family, Zaida took out a loan, purchased a moto-taxi, and taught herself to drive. This courageous step enabled her to increase her income and provide a stable life for her daughters, albeit in the midst of financial hardship.

Seeking Medical Assistance

Zaida’s story took a turn when she attended a MEDLIFE Mobile Clinic, seeking medical assistance for herself and her children. During the clinic visit, doctors discovered a lump in her breast, raising concerns about her health. Urgent follow-up examinations revealed a diagnosis of mastitis, necessitating immediate surgery.

A Race Against Time

However, the public hospital’s lengthy waitlist for surgeries posed a significant obstacle to Zaida’s treatment. In response, MEDLIFE intervened, covering the costs of private clinic appointments to expedite her surgery and ensure prompt medical attention.

patientThis is the home Zaida and her children share together.

A Community Comes Together

Thanks to the generosity of donors and the invaluable support of organizations like MEDLIFE, Zaida’s surgery at a private clinic was fully funded. This critical assistance not only alleviated her financial burden. It also provided her with the opportunity to return to her daughters in good health. Reaffirming the importance of patient care in underserved communities like Las Colinas.