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Building Silvio a Safe Home

In our relentless pursuit of a world free from poverty’s grip, the MEDLIFE Movement stands as a beacon of hope, working hand in hand with communities to ensure everyone has access to a safe home.


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A Call to Action: Responding to Urgent Needs

During a Tena Mobile Clinic in Ecuador, our Director Martha Chicaiza engaged with a local school teacher to identify the most vulnerable students. Silvio, a young boy abandoned by his mother and orphaned by his father’s passing, emerged as a pressing case. Living with his grandmother, who struggled to provide even basic necessities, Silvio languished in poor health on a bare wooden floor, battling parasitic infections amidst makeshift shelter.

Immediate Intervention: Transforming Lives

Moved by Silvio’s plight, Martha and the Ecuador MED Programs team sprang into action. They visited Silvio’s home, witnessing firsthand the dire conditions he endured. Determined to effect change, MEDLIFE partnered with Sumak Kawsay Wasi, a local government organization, to initiate a transformative project.

Collaborative Efforts: Building Hope

Sumak Kawsay Wasi enlisted skilled architects and builders to construct sturdy walls, while MEDLIFE volunteers contributed by painting the house and assembling essential furniture. From crafting shelves to installing safety features like an adjustable flap door to prevent accidents, every detail was meticulously addressed. Additionally, our team provided crucial antiparasite medication to safeguard Silvio and his family’s health.

A New Beginning: From Desperation to Dignity

After exhaustive efforts spanning nearly 12 hours, Silvio’s dwelling underwent a remarkable metamorphosis. What was once a hazardous and inhospitable environment transformed into a sanctuary of safety and comfort, offering Silvio and his family the opportunity to thrive.

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Continuing the Journey: Join the Cause

As we continue our mission to champion equal access to healthcare, education, and dignified living conditions, your support remains invaluable. You can collaborate through donations to the MEDLIFE Project Fund or participation in Service Learning Trips. Every contribution paves the way for brighter futures in the communities surrounding Tena, Ecuador. Together, let’s build a world free from poverty’s