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Updates From Ecuador: March 2013 Clinics

In Ecuador, MEDLIFE is wrapping up its second Mobile Clinic of the spring break season. This week we’re working in communities outside of Riobamba:

Riobamba update2 march2013

Last week, MEDLIFE also completed our first ever Mobile Clinic in the community of Esmeraldas — on Ecuador’s Northern Coast. We received a warm welcome from the communities near Esmeraldas, and had one of the biggest turnouts that MEDLIFE Director of Ecuador Martha Chicaiza has seen in the country. Local magazines and news channels came out to interview Martha and the MEDLIFE crew about our plans to continue work in the area.

interview 600MEDLIFE Director of Ecuador Martha Chicaiza being interviewed by a local reporter

The city municipality also invited MEDLIFE to meet the Mayor of Esmeraldas, who explained more about the region and even gifted students with t-shirts, inviting them to return for Carnaval. During the final clinic day, the mayor also presided over the inauguration of our first staircase project in Esmeraldas (which couldn’t be 100% completed during the clinic week due to heavy rains). Residents from the community treated students to a presentation of their traditional music, marimba, as well as dancing and a communal lunch. 

MEDLIFE is excited to be off to a great start in Esmeraldas, and looking forward to a continued partnership with communities in this area.