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8 Things you should know to prepare you for a MEDLIFE Mobile Clinic Trip

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1. Language Skills

     Just kidding, you don’t have to be a Language pro to come on mobile clinic trip, but it is worth it to quickly study up on key phrases! Just a few basic things will make your life a lot easier and will let you relate to and communicate with community members on clinic.

2. You will need good shoes!

     The communities we go to rarely have the normal city infrastructure you are used to like paved roads. This often meets walking around in MUD and DIRT. Don’t show up to clinic or project in flip flops.

 3. Flexibility is key.

     Our goal is to bring clinics to the poor and to meet them on their level. If we are going to meet them in their communities, we cannot possibly be in control of everything that happens. Things won’t always go as we plan or hope but we will adapt to make the best of it and deliver high quality care regardless of circumstances.

 4. Get Ready for Culture Shock.

     The places we serve are radically different from your home. Before making quick judgements based on what you see and hear, stop to consider how it might have a different meaning in the new cultural context. Think about how your actions may be interpreted differently than at home.

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 5. Bring Sunscreen.

     Most of our destinations are really close to the equator! You will get cooked quickly if you do not put on sunscreen in the morning. Pro tip: bring it with you, it is often expensive on destination!

 6. Bring Donations

     We accept donations of medicine, dental supplies and vitamins on trips, these are very appreciated in the communities! 

 7. Do some background research!

     Take some time to read up on the destination you will be visiting. You will learn and enjoy more if you have some context to understand your experiences. Read about the countries history, politics and culture.

8. Bring an open mind!

Many things are sure to surprise you on this trip. Be ready for what come your way. You are sure to learn a lot. 

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