The Privilege of Fearing Heights: Intern Journal by Noor Chadha - MEDLIFE

The Privilege of Fearing Heights: Intern Journal by Noor Chadha

Embarking on this internship for bringing development help, I’ve delved into reflections on privilege in profound ways previously unexplored. Accompanying Janet, a dedicated MEDLIFE nurse, to a follow-up appointment with Mercedes in the community of 15A1, Nueva Esperanza, provided me with eye-opening experiences.
development helpThe view from Mercedes’s house.

Pathways to Progress

Though MEDLIFE has facilitated the construction of numerous staircases in 15A1, the path leading to Mercedes’s house remained undeveloped, steep, and dusty. Witnessing local women navigate this challenging terrain daily, I hesitantly ascended, clinging to the hope of reaching the summit without looking back.


14 12 48MEDLIFE Nurse, Carmen, and Mercedes stand on the path to Mercedes’s house, where a MEDLIFE staircase will be built.

Overcoming Obstacles with development help

Descending proved even more daunting, with a “safer path” along a precarious wall of unstable rocks. Despite my determination, fear of heights threatened to hinder progress. Yet, a young girl’s unexpected offer to hold my hand reignited courage within me.


development helpTwo of Mercedes’s daughters play outside of her house.

Recognizing Privilege

Her unwavering kindness amidst shared heights highlighted the stark contrast between my fears and the daily realities of 15A1 residents. Their resilience in traversing dusty slopes for basic necessities underscored the privilege underlying my apprehensions.

Moving Forward

Grateful for the opportunity to contribute to community development help in Peru, I’m humbled by the lessons learned and inspired to continue introspection and growth.

development helpNoor works on painting a staircase like the one that will benefit Mercedes and her family.