Meet the Interns Year-long 2013-14 Part 2 - MEDLIFE

Meet the Interns Year-long 2013-14 Part 2

Meet our new MEDLIFE year-long interns! Part 2!

2014 - EBONY-baileyName: Ebony Bailey

Hometown: Porterville, California

School: University of Southern California

Major: Print and Digital Journalism


How I got involved with MEDLIFE: I volunteered a Mobile Clinic two years ago in Tena, Ecuador with my university — my first time overseas. It was a wonderful experience and I’m excited to be involved with MEDLIFE again.


Why did you decide to become an intern?: I’m very interested in digital media and wanted to apply my skills to a good cause, while also improving my Spanish. MEDLIFE’s media internship seemed like the perfect mixture of all three!


What was your first impression of Lima?: The traffic is crazy! But  it’s also part of the personality and charm of this city. This city is huge and I love the sprawl — every neighborhood is a new place of discovery. Though I’ve only been here a week, it seems like it’s been months. I’m excited to explore much more of Lima and to see where the rest of this journey takes me.


My favorite part so far: Seeing the collaboration between community members in los pueblos jovenes and MEDLIFE staff when working on development projects. I love how they are so driven and passionate about making positive change in their communities. It’s empowering to see such community mobilization.

2014 - NICOLE-millwardName: Nicole Millward

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

School: McGill University

Major: Psychology and Cell Biology


How I got involved with MEDLIFE: I first got involved with MEDLIFE at McGill University, the first MEDLIFE Chapter in Canada, and was President for two years. I’ve been lucky enough to attend Clinics in both Tena and Lima, both amazing experiences! 


Why did you decide to become an intern?: The most meaningful part of my University experience was my involvement with MEDLIFE, and I am excited to be able to see how it works on the ground. There is no other cause that I would feel as confident pursuing, and I am grateful for a chance to further contribute to the organization. 


What was your first impression of Lima?: When I first got to Lima I was amazed by the size of the city and the differences between the neighbourhoods. After spending some time here I’ve grown to love the unique places I’ve found, as well as be excited for the neighbourhoods I have yet to discover! 


My favorite part so far: My favourite part of working with MEDLIFE so far has been getting a chance to go to the field with Carlos. The interns are helping with the construction of a staircase in a community, and I’m grateful for a chance to understand how the process works from start to finish!