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50:50 Campaign Update: Fundraising Toward a New Hygiene Project

Born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon, Yasmina Zoghbi is currently a student at the University of Miami. Yasmina first heard about MEDLIFE from fellow students during her freshman year of college. Although she was interested, she felt at that time that she couldn’t really afford the trip. She wasn`t sure she would succeed in raising enough money for the organization and for herself, so she waited until now — her senior year — to finally register.

Yasmina found out about MEDLIFE’s 50:50 campaign at a presentation given by another student at the University of Miami. She started her campaign with the support of her family and friends, just hoping to raise enough to help out a little bit. Then, as she started to receive donations, she realized that she could potentially earn enough to fund a hygiene project — and that became her goal.

“I have always been driven to help others in any way that I can,” says Yasmina. “Coming from an underdeveloped country, I know this experience will afford me a great sense of fulfillment. Ultimately, in the future I do want to participate as a physician in an organization such as MEDLIFE.”

Yasmina has currently raised $2,190 and hopes to make it to $3,358. Great work Yasmina!

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