University of Delaware Keeps Cool While Fundraising for MEDLIFE - MEDLIFE

University of Delaware Keeps Cool While Fundraising for MEDLIFE

On a beautifully sunny day in Newark, students of the MEDLIFE Chapter at University of Delaware hosted their second annual Italian ice sale to raise funds.   


72-2Location and weather are key, according to members; they set up their stand in a high traffic area near campus on a day when the weather called for refreshingly icy treats. Since registering the chapter as an official organization, they receive money each semester that can be used to fund events like these. For this event in particular, they purchased Rita’s Italian Ice at a discount price and then sold cups at $1.00 each.


Apart from raising funds for the poor, the event helped raise awareness about MEDLIFE, as many students walking by asked “What is MEDLIFE?” and were informed about our mission and how to get involved.  

If you have fundraising photos that you’d like to share with us, please send them to [email protected] along with any great ideas or tips so that we can pass along to the rest of the MEDLIFE community. Thanks for your help! 

Disclaimer: In accordance with United States tax law and regulations, a donation to the MEDLIFE Project Fund is 100% tax-deductible by the person making the donation. However, only 50% of a donation given to the 50:50 campaign (i.e., the portion that goes towards MEDLIFE’s General Mission Fund) is tax-deductible for the person making the donation. The portion of a donation that reduces a student’s cost of participating in a mobile clinic is not tax-deductible. If donors have general questions about whether or not donations to MEDLIFE are tax–deductible, they can call MEDLIFE’S U.S.-based office at 207-433-0780. However, specific questions about the deductibility of contributions should be directed to a donor’s qualified tax advisor.