We want you to be part of our next MEDLIFE video! - MEDLIFE

We want you to be part of our next MEDLIFE video!

On May 2nd, Joe Tylutki recorded a special message from everyone here at MEDLIFE. Please click on the video below to watch:

As the academic year comes to an end, MEDLIFE would like to thank you for the incredible year we’ve had. With all of our accomplishments this year we’ve learned more than ever that none of this would have been possible without the support of our amazing student chapters.  We’d like to hear more about your accomplishments and experiences with us and possibly include your feedback in a future MEDLIFE video.

If you have a few minutes to spare, we’d appreciate your help by following these simple instructions: 

1.) Using a digital video camera: If you have access to a video camera, and the means to either set it up on atripod and record yourself or have a friend help you, this would provide the best quality. 


Using your web cam: An easier way is just to use the built-in camera on your computer. You can record video easily on a mac that has a camera using the podcast software (if you have it) or by simply opening quicktime and choosing file > new video recording. On a PC you can do the same using windows media player.

Please answer the questions below the best you can: 

– What got you interested / excited about MEDLIFE? 73-1

– How did you get your chapter off the ground? (specific tactics for advertising, recruiting more students, etc)

– How did you plan your first meeting?

– If you aren’t a registered organization on campus, how can you still host a successful meeting?

– What specific techniques did you use to get people to come to the meeting? (flyers, listserv, chalking, etc)

– How was your first meeting? How many people attended?

– Tell us about your best fundraiser: How much money did you raise? How did you plan it? How did you advertise?

– How did you recruit members for an e-board?

– How did you organize your mobile clinic? How did you build excitement initially?

– Where did you go and how did you choose which site?

– How many people attended your Mobile Clinic?

– How did you prepare as a group for the trip?

– Do you have any personal anecdotes from your trip? A special moment or what the project was that you specifically worked on and how you felt about the experience?

Please answer the following questions regarding maintenance:

– How do you maintain interest in the chapter after time or after a Mobile Clinic? What tactics seem to work to keep students involved?

– What obstacles did you face regarding participation?

– Did any of your members participate in internships?

– If you could give one piece of advice to someone who wants to be a MEDLIFE leader, what would it be?

– What’s different about MEDLIFE as an org on campus?

– Complete the following sentence: “I’m a MEDLIFE leader because … ” (one sentence)

2.) Once you’ve completed your recording, save it to your computer.

3.) Send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] letting us know you made a video and which email we can use to send you an invitation to upload it to our DropBox account.

And that’s it! With your feedback, we can gather valuable information to share with fellow chapters and later compile a video of the best responses to share with the whole community.

Thanks again for making this our best year yet!