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Volunteer Abroad Programs for Pre-Med Students in Peru

For volunteer abroad pre-med students, MEDLIFE offers Service Learning Trips in Peru, a prime destination for those eager to gain hands-on experience. These week-long educational journeys allow volunteers to collaborate with local communities on development projects and mobile medical clinics, among other initiatives. Located in South America, Peru is a beautiful country filled with rich history and diverse landscapes. You have the choice of volunteering in Lima, or Cusco.

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There are several types of SLTs depending on your area of interest:

  • Classic Service Learning Trips
  • Nursing Service Learning Trips
  • Dental Service Learning Trips

Classic Service Learning Trips

Classic Service Learning Trips are excellent stepping stones for anyone interested in general medical care. During these trips, you will experience a reality tour of the location you will be visiting, volunteer at a mobile clinic, and work under medical professionals. On top of that, you will also be working hand-in-hand with the local community on a development project.

Nursing Service Learning Trips

We also offer Nursing Service Learning Trips. On these trips, volunteers have a much more hands-on experience in the Mobile Clinics. As a volunteer, you will be assisting the MEDLIFE nurses by taking patients’ vitals and handing out educational pamphlets. From there, you will be assigned to one of three stations, General Medicine, Dental, and OBGYN. There you will shadow the MEDLIFE physicians and see what they do up close. Nursing SLT volunteers also get to work with the community on a development project.

Dental Service Learning Trips

Dental Service Learning Trips are similar but focus directly on providing dental care assistance. Like all SLTs, you will embark on a reality tour in one of the communities we work in. The mobile clinic you will be participating in is a Mobile Dental Clinic. Volunteers will run a Toothbrushing station for the kids to teach healthy dental habits, apply fluoride, and give out free toothbrushes. Volunteers will also get to visit a local school and host a Health Education and Dental Campaign Workshop. During this time the volunteers will get to teach kids about dental hygiene practices and self-care topics to provide the foundations for a healthy life.

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We are always seeking “volunteer abroad pre-med students” to join our upcoming Service Learning Trips. If your interest lies in dental care, nursing, or general healthcare, these SLTs offer incredible opportunities for hands-on experience and meaningful community impact, ideal for students eager to broaden their medical horizons and contribute positively to global health.

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