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What To Bring While Volunteering Abroad in Tanzania

Greetings, fellow adventurers and aspiring volunteers! We are two staff members from MEDLIFE who recently embarked on our first Service Learning Trip to Tanzania. It was an eye-opening and incredible journey filled with memorable experiences, learning opportunities, and unexpected discoveries. One of the most surprising aspects of our trip was realizing just how many things we needed to bring along that we hadn’t initially thought of. So, we’ve compiled a fun and easy-to-read list of important things you need to know before volunteering abroad in Tanzania!

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1. Trekking and Waterproof Shoes

First off, trekking and waterproof shoes are a must! Volunteering abroad in Tanzania means walking terrains that can vary from urban streets to rural paths, and the weather can change in a heartbeat. Whether we were navigating the bustling streets of Dar es Salaam or hiking through the stunning landscapes around Moshi, having durable and waterproof footwear made all the difference. Plus, they were lifesavers during those unexpected rain showers.

2. Umbrella or Raincoat

Speaking of rain, an umbrella or raincoat became our unexpected best friends. The weather in Tanzania can be quite unpredictable, and we quickly learned that being prepared for a downpour is key to staying comfortable and dry during our outdoor activities and volunteer work.

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3. Mandatory Yellow Fever Vaccine

This one’s crucial: the mandatory Yellow Fever vaccine. We didn’t realize its importance until we learned that without it, you might face flight delays or entry issues in certain countries, like Nigeria. It’s not just about following regulations, it’s about your health and safety. So, make sure to get vaccinated well in advance!

4. Doxycycline Medication for Malaria

Malaria is a real concern in many parts of Tanzania, so bringing along Doxycycline medication as a preventative measure is essential. It’s better to be safe than sorry; this medication can give you peace of mind as you immerse yourself in your volunteer experience.

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5. Get Your Online Visa

To avoid delays and the hassle of long lines, we highly recommend getting your visa online before your trip. It’s a straightforward process that saves you time and stress upon arrival, letting you focus on the adventure ahead.

6. Power Extension for Adapter

With the number of gadgets we carry nowadays, from phones to cameras, a power extension for an adapter is incredibly handy. Power outlets can be scarce, and you’ll likely want to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Plus, electrical outages are pretty common in places like Moshi, so being prepared is key.

7. Two Portable Chargers

Following up on the point above, having two portable chargers is a lifesaver due to the frequent power outages. This way, you can ensure your devices stay charged and ready to capture all the memorable moments of your trip.

8. Shampoo

You might be surprised that most hotels won’t provide shampoo, so bringing your own is a good idea. We recommend a shampoo bar for its convenience and eco-friendliness. It’s a small item that can make a big difference in your daily routine while away from home.

9. Sunscreen and Bug-repellent

Last but not least, don’t forget to bring your own sunscreen and bug repellent. The quality of these products can vary greatly, and having reliable protection from the sun and mosquitoes is crucial for your health and comfort.

10. Your MEDLIFE Water Bottle

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And how could we forget? Do not leave without your MEDLIFE water bottle (yes! the one you received when you registered to the SLT!). Staying hydrated is crucial, especially when you’re out and about in the Tanzanian heat, engaging in various activities and volunteer work. Bringing along your MEDLIFE water bottle also supports our sustainability and environmental responsibility mission. By using a reusable bottle, you’re contributing to reducing plastic waste, a significant issue in many parts of the world, including Tanzania. So, make sure your MEDLIFE water bottle is on your packing list. It’s a small act that supports a great cause and keeps you prepared for whatever your journey throws your way.

Embarking on a volunteer trip to Tanzania with MEDLIFE is an adventure of a lifetime, but being well-prepared can make your experience even more enjoyable and stress-free. We hope our insights help you pack wisely for your journey. Here’s to making a difference and exploring the beautiful landscapes and cultures of Tanzania. Safe travels and happy volunteering!

If you are interested in volunteering abroad in Tanzania on a MEDLIFE SLT, check out our upcoming trips, download our brochure, or fill out the contact form below!