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A Mobile Public Health Clinic is a week-long Service Learning Trip that allows students interested in the public health field to gain first-hand experience with health professionals and public institutions in Latin America. The trip will provide impoverished communities with a much-needed avenue for quality healthcare, as well as offer volunteers the opportunity to learn about the healthcare system in Latin America.

Public HealthMore than a Mission Trip

A MEDLIFE Public Health Clinic brings high-quality healthcare directly to communities who lack access to basic health services. With a professional staff of local practitioners, clinics offer basic medical treatment and preventative screens and are designed to find patients who are in need of long-term assistance. Volunteers shadow medical professionals, while visiting local health institutions, participate in educational discussions, and learn firsthand about the healthcare system in Latin America.

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The MEDLIFE Public Health Clinic Difference

Public Health

Bringing Quality Care to the Poor

MEDLIFE offers Mobile Clinics in impoverished communities to provide high-quality healthcare. There are general medicine, dental, and pharmacy services as well as preventative tests such as Pap smears and breast cancer screenings to communities that do not have access to other health services.

Public Health

Learning From Local Professionals on the Ground

Staffed by local doctors and nurses, MEDLIFE’s Clinics are facilitated by professionals who speak the language, understand local systems, and provide culturally sensitive care.

Public Health

Providing Long-Term Care

Any patient who may have a serious or long-term condition is immediately placed in our patient follow-up program where they work hand in hand with our in-country staff throughout the course of the treatment.

Public Health

Learning About Public Health First Hand

Volunteers learn about a foreign healthcare system and country through first-hand experience, reflections, and workshops. Volunteers will spend time with patients, community members, and medical professionals visiting local health institutions as well as MEDLIFE’s own Mobile Clinics to gain a comprehensive understanding of public health in Latin America.

The MEDLIFE Public Health Clinic Week

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Safety Icons

When you sign up for a Service Learning Trip you are automatically insured with Travel Insurance for up to $50,000 for the duration of your volunteer week. Create a MyMEDLIFE account to read about the benefits or email us at [email protected] to get more information.

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