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Mobile Women’s Health Clinics are week-long Service Learning Trips focusing entirely on the health and wellbeing of women. In impoverished communities throughout Latin America and Africa, often times not enough education is provided on the importance of women’s health. By volunteering on the trip, students will help provide much needed educational resources and quality healthcare to women in the communities where MEDLIFE works.

Women's HealthBeyond a Mission Trip

A MEDLIFE Women’s Health Clinic provides women with quality healthcare and education throughout communities who lack access to basic health services. Working hand in hand with local professionals, students will gain first-hand knowledge about the challenges women face in impoverished communities in Latin America and Africa.

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The MEDLIFE Women’s Health Clinic Difference

Women's Health

Bringing a Clinic to Women

Our Mobile Clinics travels to poor communities to provide quality care. They offer general OB/GYN services as well as preventative tests such as Pap smears and breast cancer screenings to women in communities that often do not have access to other health facilities.

Women's Health

Working with Local Professionals

Our OB/GYN stations at Mobile Clinics are staffed by local doctors and nurses who speak the language, understand local systems, and provide culturally sensitive care.

Public Health

Providing Follow-Up Care

When our patients are faced with serious or long-term conditions, they are placed in our patient follow-up program where they work hand in hand with our in-country staff throughout the course of the treatment.

Public Health

Offering Supplemental Education

Beyond the immediate care patients receive at Mobile Clinics, we regularly offer workshops and classes in the communities to continue informing people about the importance of reproductive health.

The MEDLIFE Women’s Health Clinic Week

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Safety Icons

When you sign up for a Service Learning Trip you are automatically insured with Travel Insurance for up to $50,000 for the duration of your volunteer week. Create a MyMEDLIFE account to read about the benefits or email us at [email protected] to get more information.

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