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Meet The Patient: Luis Soria

Luis Soria is a patient whose life changed last spring during a MEDLIFE Mobile Clinic in the community of Cecel San Antonio del Cantón Licto of Riobamba, Ecuador. During his consultation, one of our doctors diagnosed Luis with inguinal hernias. An inguinal hernia occurs when tissue pushes through a weak spot in your groin muscle, causing discomfort and a visible bulge. This marked the beginning of his journey toward vital medical support.

Immediate Action and Critical Care

Doctors informed Luis that immediate surgery was necessary. MEDLIFE staff swiftly arranged for him to be taken to the nearest hospital for further medical examination and care. Confirming the critical nature of his condition, doctors prepped him for surgery within a few hours.

A New Lease on Life

Luis admitted to us that he had been suffering from discomfort for over 10 years, particularly during his long hours as a taxi driver, where he relied on a back brace for support. “I feel like a new man now thanks to the help this organization has provided me,” he shared.

Comprehensive Treatment and Recovery

Following extensive lab tests, including uro-analysis, hematology, serology, blood tests, ECG, and echo cardiogram tests, doctors determined that Luis had two hernias. They opted to split the surgery into two procedures, one on each side. Both surgeries were successful, and Luis was advised to spend 60 days recovering at home.

Gratitude and Renewed Outlook

Though the recovery period was challenging for Luis, he diligently followed the doctor’s orders. Thanks to the medical support brought by MEDLIFE, today, he can enjoy life without the debilitating pain he endured for so long. “Now I can work productively in my field and help out with family chores,” he said, smiling. “I couldn’t even walk around and enjoy time with my family of three children and my beautiful wife. Now I have that opportunity, and I am forever grateful for that.”


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