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Becoming Global Citizens: Intern Journal by Brandy Collum


As we explore our roles as global citizens, we face probing questions that challenge us. One such question lingered in my mind all summer: Why help abroad instead of at home? This question persisted, shaping my aspirations. The idea of living and working abroad after graduation deeply appeals to me, prompting reflection. Yet, it was my internship with MEDLIFE that truly shed light on this matter.

Embracing Uncertainty: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Dedicating three months of my life to uncertainty, I ventured into uncharted territory. Lima, Peru, a city unknown to me, became my temporary abode, alongside thirteen other interns bound by a common purpose. The unfamiliarity was daunting, yet within these moments of apprehension, I unearthed profound truths about both myself and the pressing needs of the world, particularly those in Peru.

global citizensBrandy, along with several of the other 2017 summer interns, work with community members in Unión de Santa Fe to fill in the roof of the MEDLIFE WawaWasi.


Empowering Communities, One Step at a Time

I vividly recall my first reality tour with MEDLIFE, a journey through impoverished landscapes. The challenges were staggering: homes lacking essentials, neglected streets, and lives trapped in deprivation. Initially overwhelmed, I felt the urge to withdraw. But MEDLIFE’s mission kept me grounded. Every small effort yields significant impact, sparking transformative change. For example, the staircases we built not only ensure safety but also open doors to crucial resources, showcasing the ripple effect of our actions.

Innovating Outreach: Bridging Boundaries and Breaking Barriers

Venturing beyond conventional boundaries, MEDLIFE orchestrated its inaugural clinic within the confines of Lima’s women’s penitentiary. Witnessing firsthand the impact of our initiatives, from conducting screenings to fostering dialogue, underscored the power of proactive intervention. What struck me most was MEDLIFE’s unwavering commitment to inclusivity, transcending physical barriers to deliver essential healthcare to marginalized populations.

global citizensThe Wall of Shame: a wall that separates Pamplona and the richest neighborhoods in lima as well as a stop on the MEDLIFE reality tour.

Championing Equality: A Call to Action

Why do we extend our reach beyond borders? Because, fundamentally, a person is a person, irrespective of geography or circumstance. While acknowledging the imperative of local aid, the universality of human dignity compels us to traverse boundaries in pursuit of justice. Returning home, I carry with me not only memories but a newfound perspective, poised to channel my experiences into tangible change within my own community.

Embracing the Journey: From Vision to Action

Amidst the vastness of our ambitions, it’s often the fear of the unknown that paralyzes us. Yet, every journey to become global citizens begins with a single step, each stride propelling us closer to our collective vision of a better world. As I envisage the future, I am reminded of the profound impact of incremental progress, each act of compassion a beacon illuminating the path forward.

global citizensWomen of the Santa Monica Penitentiary in Lima attend an education session on cervical cancer hosted by MEDLIFE staff.


Empowering Change: A Personal Commitment

Brandy, a student at the University of Alabama, studies Marketing and Spanish. She stands ready for transformation. Her experiences embolden her to spark change. This change isn’t confined by borders. It’s a catalyst for activism.

Being global citizens isn’t just about moving physically. It’s a mindset. It’s about unwavering commitment to empathy, advocacy, and action. These actions break boundaries. They pave the way for a world of compassion and equity.

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