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MEDLIFE Holds An Educational Workshop

On Tuesday, June 6, 2017, the MEDLIFE team visited Villa Rica, a community nestled in the Lomo Corvina zone of Villa El Salvador district, to conduct a crucial educational workshops. This initiative preceded a weekend clinic, aiming to equip community members with essential knowledge on women’s health issues.

Focused Learning on Women’s Health

The session zeroed in on several critical topics, including breast and cervical cancer awareness, as well as sexual health education. Participants learned about the risks and warning signs associated with breast cancer. They were also taught the significance of conducting regular self breast exams, empowering them with practical skills through a hands-on workshop.

Understanding Cervical Cancer

The discussion seamlessly transitioned to cervical cancer, elucidating its risks and preventive measures. MEDLIFE nurses emphasized the importance of Pap smear exams in early detection. They addressed prevalent misconceptions, particularly the stigma surrounding such screenings. Contrary to popular belief, cervical cancer isn’t hereditary but rather linked to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted infection.

Open Forum for Community Engagement

Throughout the workshop, community members were encouraged to ask questions, fostering an environment of open dialogue. Such interactions are pivotal in addressing community concerns and dispelling myths, ultimately promoting health literacy and proactive healthcare practices.

Importance of Educational Workshops

Educational workshops serve as a cornerstone of MEDLIFE’s mission, creating safe spaces where communities can learn, engage, and grow together. By raising awareness and providing practical education, these educational workshops nurture community organization and trust.

In conclusion, MEDLIFE’s commitment to educational workshops extends beyond imparting knowledge; it cultivates empowerment and resilience within communities. As we continue to expand these initiatives, our goal remains steadfast: to ensure every individual has the resources and understanding to lead a healthier life.

14-12-7281Over 20 community members from Villa Rica as well as the new MEDLIFE interns were in attendance.




14-12-7299MEDLIFE staff member, Teresa, lectures on the warning signs of breast cancer.


educational workshops


14-12-7308Self breast exams are not only imporant for women; men can be affected by breast cancer as well!


educational workshops


educational workshopsEducational workshops are an opportunity for community members to express any concerns they have. Questions are not limited to the night’s topic!




educational workshopsCarmen, another member of the MEDLIFE staff, demonstrates how a Pap smear would be conducted at one of our clinics.


educational workshops