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Wawa Wasi: The MED Center for Primary Education

We have some exciting news – the Wawa Wasi has grown so much that it has officially become our MED Center for Primary Education! Though this is only the first branch of what will eventually be a much larger scale project, this is a key step in progressing toward our ultimate goal of the MED Center and we are thrilled to tell you about it.


wawa wasi med center


The Roots of the Project: The Wawa Wasi

MEDLIFE collaborated with the Union Santa Fe community in Lima, Peru, our longstanding partner, to construct a structure addressing their identified needs: the Wawa Wasi. This initiative reflects sustainable development principles. The concept stemmed from community members’ expressed concerns about the lack of a safe childcare facility while they worked.

Rather than building a parallel educational system, we worked hand in hand with government programs already in place. In Lima, the government has a designated education program called CUNAMAS for children from 1 to 2 years. This program provides food, childcare, and education to children in low-income communities. Unfortunately, to qualify for the program the community must have a physical structure in place that offers a suitable and safe environment for the children. That is where MEDLIFE came in.

We constructed a building that could serve as a childcare center on the first floor. For a period of time, we operated hand in hand with CUNAMAS to offer childcare to families in the area. But as the community has grown and changed, their needs have also grown and changed. And to properly meet those needs, the Wawa Wasi has transitioned into to what is now the MED Center for Primary Education.


wawa wasi med center


Becoming the MED Center for Primary Education

The building has expanded from a one-floor daycare center to a three-floor multi-purpose center. It now offers workshops, professional services, and more. This growth marks the initial phase of developing our MED Center in the area. The ultimate vision is a full-scale MED Center serving as a community hub. It will address specific development challenges faced by the communities. Goals for the MED Center include providing a trade school for children and adults, basic medical and dental services, and serving as a safe space for community gatherings.

The former Wawa Wasi building has expanded physically and broadened its educational services. It represents a major step towards the MED Center through the MED Center for Primary Education. Consequently, we’ve decided it’s time to officially change its name.

MED Center Today

The MED Center for Primary Education currently operates in various capacities, all based on community input regarding their needs and priorities. While CUNAMAS does not currently operate a childcare center, the first floor hosts law consultations and psychology appointments led by local professionals. We expect to resume our partnership with CUNAMAS soon. On the second floor, children participate in unique workshops after school or during summer months. They come to the MED Center to learn new skills and hobbies like karate, painting, and dance. Additionally, we’ve partnered with a local university to provide extra workshops taught by student volunteers on weekends.

 wawa wasi med center


We are currently constructing a third floor for the MED Center for Primary Education. We aim to collaborate closely with the community to determine its purpose. It could serve as a computer area for teenagers to complete school work, a workshop for small businesses in the area, or even a space for enjoyable activities like movie nights!

Thanks for all of your support as we continue progressing this project. More updates to come soon!