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Holiday Impact Highlights From The Field In 2020

In a year marked by unparalleled challenges, the MEDLIFE Movement tirelessly endeavored to spread kindness and cheer. Thanks to your remarkable generosity during the giving season, this year’s holidays shone a bit brighter. As we usher you back from the break, let’s revisit eight pivotal “holiday impact highlights”. Don’t miss this blog from our jubilant celebrations with partner communities across the globe.

1. Holiday baskets in Lima

Despite the pandemic-induced hiatus of our Mobile Clinics, we’ve persistently nurtured connections. Also, we’ve fostered bonds with our follow-up patients in partner communities. In a festive gesture, the MEDLIFE team in Lima surprised our follow-up patients with delightful gift baskets.

2. Gifts & hot chocolate in the Andes

Venturing to the remote community of Huacapunku nestled in the breathtaking Andes of Cusco, our local team celebrated the holiday season. Thanks to your unwavering support, we distributed gifts to 150 children and shared heartwarming hot chocolate with 250 community members.

Holiday Impact Highlights - Tanzania

3. Supporting children facing homelessness in Tanzania

Welcoming the new year, the MEDLIFE team in Tanzania extended a helping hand to over 100 children in local homeless shelters by delivering food and essential hygiene items. Despite the predominant focus on COVID-19 relief efforts in severely impacted regions like Peru, our commitment extends across all our sites.

4. Partnering with corporates in Lima

In a collaborative effort, our Lima team partnered with Roky’s Peru, a renowned local restaurant famed for its Pollo a la Brasa. With their invaluable assistance, we provided 500 holiday meals to families affected by the pandemic, extending our heartfelt gratitude to Roky’s!

Holiday Impact Highlights -Ecuador

5. Holiday traditions in Ecuador  

Indulging in the cherished tradition of relishing panettone – a delectable sweet bread with candied fruits – our team in Ecuador spread joy by delivering 300 panettones to the communities of Calpi Loma, Pulingui, and Shamanga, all thanks to your fundraising endeavors.

6. Meals & treats in Lima

A significant milestone of 2020 was establishing a network of Community Soup Kitchens, starting in Peru and expanding into Ecuador. During the holiday season, over 400 panettones were distributed through our Community Soup Kitchens in Lima. In consequence, we could amplify joy and merriment!

7. Supporting families in Cusco

In Cusco, a prominent tourist hub ravaged by COVID-19 repercussions, families confronted daunting challenges. To aid their recovery in 2021, we collaborated with the Intrepid Foundation, providing nutritional relief to 356 households grappling with income loss and food insecurity.

8. Half a million meals served

As 2020 drew to a close, we accomplished our goal of serving half a million meals! Across borders and cultures, food serves as a unifying force. This year, food has united MEDLIFErs worldwide in combating hunger and insecurity, a monumental achievement made possible by your steadfast support.

Holiday Impact Highlights -Peru

To each individual who fundraised, donated, and advocated for our cause, we extend profound gratitude. Your contributions have propelled us toward this monumental milestone! As we eagerly anticipate the journey ahead, remember that the spirit of giving and compassion knows no season. Donate now to fuel our endeavors in 2021 and help us achieve our ambitious goal of 1 million meals served!