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MEDLIFE Chapter Awards 2022 Are Here!

Can you believe it? Another year is ending and here we are again to present to you the 2022 MEDLIFE Chapter Awards. This year has been filled with so much hope, and growth. As we feel the weight of the pandemic lifting off the world’s shoulders, it’s important for us to remember that no matter what, we are all still here working together to make a difference. All of our MEDLIFErs have shown impressive effort by pulling together in solidarity for the MEDLIFE Movement and creating positive change in not only our partner communities, but their own local communities as well.


Let’s get started! 


Best Online Engagement

McMaster University

Online engagement can be the catalyst that turns an audience into advocates. We are so proud to announce that McMaster University is the winner of our Best Online Engagement Award. This amazing group of students has shown us how beneficial a strong online presence can be. Congratulations, and thank you for all of your hard work.


Best Online Engagement (Honorable Mention):


Well done to our honorable mention, UCLA! Your creativity and efforts did not go unnoticed. Your original and inventive ideas for online content really stood out. We are so excited to see what you continue to contribute to the MEDLIFE Movement and how you engage with your online community. Thank you for being amazing!


Best Local Service


Lets celebrate this years Local Service Award winners UCSD and SDSU for their collaborative efforts on their “Streets of Hope” campaign. These two schools came together to successfully feed and provide essentials to San Diego’s homeless community.

I can’t say how proud we are of all your inspiring achievements and how you extend the MEDLIFE values into your local community.


Best Local Service (Honorable Mention):

Lamar University

This Chapter did a fantastic job keeping the MEDLIFE spirit flowing through their own local community. Congratulations Lamar University! Your efforts with food delivery, street cleaning, and sending handmade blankets to hospitals were outstanding examples of what it means to be a MEDLIFEr.

Keep up the great work. We can’t wait to see how you continue to benefit your community. 


SLT – Chapter with the most Participants


It’s inspiring how many students at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez have the compassion to step forward and come together in the spirit of selflessness. We are proud to announce this Chapter is the winner of our Chapter with the Most Participants Award. This year they managed to mobilize around 166 volunteers to participate in SLTs in Peru. Their level of dedication and passion for the MEDLIFE Movement shows they will continue to grow and succeed.


Most Outstanding High School Chapter

William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate

Let’s congratulate William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate for receiving our Most Outstanding High School Award. These students have not only fundraised over $3,500 but will also be bringing 9 volunteers this July on an SLT to Lima, Peru. You guys have shown such an amazing effort. Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to MEDLIFE. 



Most Outstanding High School Chapter (Honorable Mention):

Escola Americana do Recife

We want to give a special spotlight to our honorable mention Escola Americana do Recife for fundraising $1,500 in our Moving Mountains campaign. Congratulations for your exceptional efforts. 



GTM – Most New Chapters Created – Chapter:

Jean-de-Brébeuf College

We are excited to announce the 2022  winner of the Grow the Movement Award. This Chapter has shown us fantastic initiative by raising awareness of the MEDLIFE Movement and leading the way for other students to create MEDLIFE Chapters at their own schools. Congratulations Jean-de-Brebeuf!! Thank you for being MEDLIFE pioneers and helping us grow. We couldn’t do any of this without your support and dedication. 


GTM – Most New Chapters Created – Individual MEDLIFEr:

Maria Madi (Jean-de-Brébeuf College)

Our individual MEDLIFE award for Grow the Movement goes to Maria Madi. We can’t thank you enough for your support and belief in the MEDLIFE Movement. It’s your passion and commitment that sparked the motivation in other students to create their own MEDLIFE Chapters. Thanks to you there are more MEDLIFErs to help us bring medicine, education, and development to those who need it most.

Moving Mountains – Best Fundraising – Individual MEDLIFEr

Sofía Rodríguez (UPRM)

Congratulations to Sofía Rodríguez from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez for raising $4,014. Not only did she fundraise a substantial number of donations, but she has also been very active within her Chapter by participating in their SLT. Your efforts are inspirational and will surely make a difference in the communities we partner with.


Moving Mountains – Best Fundraising – Individual MEDLIFEr (Honorable Mention):

Sharon Luk (UTSG)

Also a big thank you to our honorable mention Sharon Luk from St. George University of Toronto. She raised over $2500 for Moving Mountains. Thank you for all of your hard work and devotion to the MEDLIFE Movement. 


Moving Mountains – Best Fundraising – Chapter:

Indiana University

Our Best Fundraising Award for 2022 goes to Indiana University. Congratulations! This is their second year in a row raising the highest amount of any Chapter for Moving Mountains. This year they raised over $18,500!! These students continue to show ingenuity and initiative as the creators of the Power Hour model that is now used throughout all MEDLIFE Chapters. Thank you for helping us spread the Movement.


Moving Mountains – Best Fundraising – Chapter (Honorable mention):

University of Montreal

We are so honored to award an honorable mention to the University of Montreal for the Best Fundraising Award. The University of Montreal worked really hard this year, raising over $15,000. Thank you for all of your support and amazing efforts. You guys are rockstars! 


Most Outstanding Cégep:

Sainte-Anne de Lachine

We are proud to announce that the recipient of our Most Outstanding Cegep Award goes to Sainte-Anne de Lachine. They were amazing this year, bringing more than 20 volunteers to Cusco, Peru on an SLT. On top of that wonderful achievement, they also raised over $4,000 for Moving Mountains. A big round thank you to these MEDLIFErs!! Keep up the good work and we hope to see you on another SLT soon. 


Best New Chapter:

Loyola University Chicago

Up next, we have an award for the Best New Chapter. Congratulations to Loyola University Chicago. Already this year, Loyola University mobilized 10 volunteers that came on an SLT during the winter. Not only that, but they have managed to beat their fundraising goal and raise over $4,000 for our Moving Mountains campaign. We are so thrilled to have you in the MEDLIFE family and can’t wait to see how successful you become. 


Leadership Award for Individual MEDLIFErs:

Ian Bundschu (UMiami)

Congratulations to Ian, the President from the University of Miami MEDLIFE Chapter, on receiving a Leadership Award! You fundraised almost $4,000 for Moving Mountains and mobilized 45 SLT volunteers. It was an honor to meet you n Cusco. You’re such an inspirational leader. Great work Ian! 


Leadership Award for Individual MEDLIFErs:

Jarred Chow (Northeastern University)

Congratulations to Jarred from Northeastern University on being awarded a Leadership Award! you did amazing with Moving Mountains, and participating in an SLT. It was amazing getting to meet you in Lima. You’re a great example of what a  Chapter President should be. Thank you so much for your support.


Most Outstanding College Chapter:

Queen’s University

Up next is our Most Outstanding Chapter award. The 2022 recipient is Queen’s University. Congratulations to this amazing group of students.  thank you for all of your exceptional work this year. The $9,000 you raised for Moving Mountains will greatly benefit our partner communities. We also want to say thank you for volunteering this year in Tena on an SLT. Fantastic effort


Most Outstanding College Chapter (Honorable Mention):

University of Wisconsin Madison 

Too great not to mention we have an honorable mention for the University of Wisconsin Madison. Your strong efforts for Moving Mountains raised over $6,000. Wisconsin University also joined us on several SLTs this year. Your support to the MEDLIFE Movement is greatly valued.


MEDLIFE Ambassadors & Active Members:

We would like to give a huge round of applause and thank you to all of our MEDLIFE Ambassadors. The value that you bring to MEDLIFE is immeasurable. These student leaders are hardworking and organize various activities not only in their local communities but also participate in multiple MEDLIFE activities. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being such a valuable force in the MEDLIFE Movement. 

  • Josué Rodríguez
  • Loryann Galvin
  • Estelle Brossard
  • Ellis Ann Jackson
  • Vy Ton
  • Sharon Luk
  • Ernest Nebedum
  • Jillian Farrell
  • Danielle Bujele
  • Amber Maredia
  • Ellie Kemper
  • Ariane Tremblay
  • Grecia García
  • Erin Stecker
Active Members:
  • Gabriel Espinet
  • Emma Jones
  • Alyssa Burke
  • Danielle Bujele
  • Jeanne Bédard-Brosseau
  • Megan Giarraputo
  • Veronica Ventura
  • Jill Matlock
  • Carmen Rivera
  • Maria Cecília Meira
  • Bella Keaney

Thank you all for joining us in honoring the  MEDLIFE Award recipients for 2022. All these dedicated Chapters and individual MEDLIFErs around the world have shown us the value of the MEDLIFE Movement. We are so proud of everything you’ve accomplished during this year of growth and we are grateful to have you as part of the MEDLIFE Movement!